Wednesday, 4 November 2009

OK, that was really good.

I went on a date yesterday with the ‘Essex Boy’ (he’s new). OK, I know what you’re going to think because he’s from Essex, but I would like to defend him and say that he’s not like that (totally). OK, one of his favorite pastimes, which he also described as a hobby, is drinking (expected). He doesn’t wear golden jewelry though (he doesn’t even have a golden tooth – and they ARE so sexy) (I’m kidding)…

Anyway, it all started a couple of weeks ago. He left me a message on my online profile and I got back to him after that, so we started talking for a couple of days. When I suggested meeting for a pint he said that he would rather chat a little bit more before that. I found that VERY weird because it was the first time being rejected to meet but agreed to keep on exchanging messages. I never thought we would actually meet but kept on replying to his messages as normal.

I think two more weeks went by and at some point he suggested meeting. I asked him why he changed his mind and he said that he is doing a strict selection with whom he’s going out with and I seemed like a nice guy (nice to hear – don’t know if it’s true). We exchanged mobile phone numbers and started talking through text messages and on the phone. I was still unsure about whether we would actually meet and I was being very casual and teasing when talking to him.

Example of our txt messages conversation:
He: What is your profile name? I can’t seem to find it. Is it hidden?
Me: It’s ***. No, don’t think it’s hidden. I updated it recently though and it might be invisible. Why? Are you showing me around?
He: Oh, yeah. Found it. No, I just wanted something to laugh at
Me: Glad to be of help
He: I was only teasing. :-)
Me: Is that guilt I hear? I didn’t know you had this emotion. I know you were teasing

This in general is not the typical kind of conversation I’d have with someone I haven’t even met. I liked though the fact that he was being a smartass (in a good way) and witty so I decided to go out with him and to be honest I haven’t regretted it.

We met in a pub and we had a couple of pints. Because I was getting tipsy (and I was trying to be clever with rule number 8 of dating) we went for me to grab a bite (he already had dinner) and headed off to another pub where I had some vodka drinks (VERY clever, I know).

In a nutshell I found him a very interesting but a bit weird person (in a slightly good way). He listens to indie / rock music and pop from the 80’s (good). When he was a child he wanted to be a Vampire (??) and of course likes watching horror movies. He likes opera and ballet but doesn’t like theatre and musicals. He likes the image of Jesus for decorative reasons (without being religious). Works in sales and marketing department of a company he hates, but would like to get involved into counseling. And don’t get me started on the decoration of his house. In general the conversation was running smoothly with only very few moments of silence.

Speaking of decoration, yes he invited me over to spend the night and I agreed. By that time, after the vodka I had, I was making fun of him about how I might wake up in a bathtub filled with ice and missing a kidney. The alcohol I consumed however helped me agreed on going along (don’t call me a slut) but to be honest it was totally a conscious choice.

We ended up at his place around midnight and we had our share of fun. He is quite passionate and tender and we clicked very well (at least that is what I think). The only problem I have (as usual) is the sleeping part. As I think I’ve mentioned in the past I cannot be touched / cuddled, relax and fall asleep. I need my space and be left alone. I generally get very warm and if someone holds me as well I feel trapped (not pleasant), worried that I shouldn’t move not to disturb them. However, I do find it very impolite to simply turn my back, ignore the other person and try to fall asleep, so I try to play along at least for a while. Added to that the foreign environment (not to mention the foreign snoring person) I didn’t sleep much last night…

Anyway, I am not complaining though… I had fun and I do hope to meet the ‘Essex Boy’ again. I’ll just try now not to think about it much (yeah right)…

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  1. Interesting how area's or locations cause a visual for people who are local. Essex and gold teeh... got it!~ Now I know. Well done blog though! And good luck!