Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Pocket guide to dating

These are just a few things I’ve learnt during my dating experiences.

  • Most important of all: Be yourself. Don’t try to impress with stories that are untrue or exaggerated. It will not work
  • If you can select the place to meet, pick a place that is rather quiet and comfy, so you can talk without being disturbed by loud noises or crowds.
  • Wear something that will make you look good but also comfortable. Too tight clothes might make you look slimmer / better looking but might make you feel too self-conscious.
  • Try to have a snack before a date so that you’re not starving and be prone to getting tipsy too quickly if alcohol is included. If you eat too much you will feel bloated and unsexy.
  • If you don’t know where you will be going try to wear something casual that can be acceptable in most places. If you do know, where something appropriate.
  • Try to look as confident as possible and most of the times smiling. Also try looking your date in the eyes (not staring for too long – that’s just creepy).
  • Don’t ever talk about former relationships and how or if you’ve been hurt in the past. Ever… In the extreme case of being asked, try not to look too distressed and change the conversation topic politely by giving some but not too much information.
  • Don’t get drunk (unless your date is getting drunk as well)… I will not even mention drugs.
  • If possible touching your date (not inappropriately - at least at the beginning of the evening / night) is always good. For example if your date says something funny while laughing or when you let him / her first through a door.
  • Finally try to enjoy and relax the whole procedure. Even if you do feel a bit nervous, you are not (in most cases) the only one feeling like that. You are doing this to have a good time. Most likely you’ll feel at ease after a brief period of time.

These guidelines are of course too generic and do not apply in all cases. Also, some rules are meant to be broken. Some dates seem doomed from the beginning and there is no need trying to save them. Everybody has some awful / funny stories to say when it comes to dating. I have a few to say as well.

I just hope my today’s date will not go as bad…

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