Tuesday, 17 November 2009


I moved to my new place three days ago and I already love it.
Moving day on Saturday was actually very eventful. We had severe weather conditions. There were very strong winds blowing and pouring rain at the same time. It made our lives more difficult but to be honest it was kind of fun as well (weird kind of fun). Apart from that the rental company gave as a van whose lights were not working, so had to go back and negotiate and argue, 10 minutes before closing time at noon. At some point we were sure that we would have to postpone moving.

Anyway, we managed to get the van, unload my housemate’s stuff, bring my stuff over and spend the rest of my Saturday tidying things up. My room looks nice at the moment, but to be honest I am not sure what I’ve put where. I have so many drawers and no bookshelves (yet). That means that all my books and comics (I have a lot) are in piles over them. My clothes are distributed in different places and I have to spend some minutes to find them… Eventually, I’ll get there…

The bad thing about moving places is setting it all up again. I have to chase and setup all utility bills. That of course includes the landline and internet connection. I’ve been living now for three days in a house without internet and TV and to be honest I feel isolated from the outside world, blinded. I really don’t know how we managed to cope before.

I remember the first time someone brought and connected to our family PC a dial-up modem (back then we only had one PC – now there’s more than one in each room). I think I was in high school. We didn’t know what to do with it (honestly). It was extremely slow, not many interesting websites existed and it felt like a waste of time not playing a game. Now, turning my laptop on is the first and last thing I do every day. I can’t not check the news, weather forecast and listen to the online radio before going to work.

It’s also sad but my personal life is affected by it as well. I can’t access my emails and my online dating sites! I can’t use IM or connect to my friends on facebook! I think I’m even missing people’s birthdays because of that.

I’ll have a landline on Friday. It takes them four working days! Four! I don’t even need a visit from an engineer. The previous tenant had the same company, so they just need to activate it again! Four days? That’s ridiculous!
After that, I have to go to apply for my broadband. I can’t do that without a landline. So, I’ll apply on Friday. I was told that will take up to eight days to be activated! Eight? What will I do until then? Should I learn smoke signals?

Speaking of signals, ‘Essex boy’ has kind of disappeared. Ok, not ‘kind of’, he disappeared. When we parted the Sunday before this, he said that he had a really nice time with me and he suggested meeting during the week and I agreed. I was the one texting him during the week every two or three days (not to be too overwhelming). He was replying to my messages but to be honest I wanted him to look for me too.

I invited him over on Saturday for dinner to my new place and he said he can’t and also added (in the same text) and he would be busy all day Sunday as well. The way he mentioned it in advance, before even me mentioning it, I didn’t like. Probably he will resurface and look for me, but I’m not going to try to contact him. The last time I contacted him was on Saturday and today it’s Tuesday. Maybe I’m overreacting (again) but I think that a text message every two days is not too much to ask for.

That sounds kind of desperate. I’m not heartbroken of course or anything, but without internet or ‘Essex Boy’ to play around, I feel a little bit bored. My leg hurts and I can’t even go running…

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