Friday, 20 November 2009

Rambling Friday

-Technology is finally arriving our way. Since yesterday we have TV at my new place. YAY! For the time being we got ‘Freeview’. Later on we’ll see about different options, but for now our budget is tight and we wanted a fast solution. That means that I was in the very happy place to watch my favorite TV morning program: Auswitch, The Nazis and the Final Solution!! Honestly, who watches that at 8 in the morning? Is it going to make you all happy to face the day? Where could you be working to like morning programs like that? Not even in the local prison… So, I naturally switched to watch Lady GAGA talk about her ‘Bad Romance’ and Pikachu kick the ass of another Pokemon with silly name.
Hopefully, we’ll get our landline connection enabled today and I’ll be able to apply for broadband. Double YAY!

-Things start to look slightly grim at work. Since our clients are from the public sector, we are now having the aftermath of the recession. Their budget is cut even more which means much less income for us. People here (mostly the bosses) are being slightly grumpy about it (I’m being polite) which have an effect on our work. Also, that means that we are most likely not getting bonuses as accustomed at the end of November and there will not be none or minimal pay rise for next year. It is a bit irritating, since everybody else seems to be overcoming the crisis but anyway.

That made me think again about my career (my what?) and the different options I have. I’m thinking of getting some extra training and acquiring some extra certificates so that I’m prepared if everything goes really bad. The bad thing is that I have so many options at what to do that I’m confused. I can apply for e-learning, Open University, evening or weekend courses or just get some books and try to pass certificate exams. These of course are my options AFTER I’ve decided what exactly I want to learn (I know… minor detail).

-‘Essex Boy’ resurfaced as expected. I know I complained a bit about it (yes, just a bit) but you can’t blame me. He just appears and disappears randomly. He will reply to my text messages but will not contact me unless he wants and has the time to meet. I can now start to see the trend and expect what can be expected (which is not much for the time being to be honest). So, we met, went for a pint, then for Chinese dinner and ended at my place. We had fun and said that we might meet again on Sunday (fingers crossed). I will not of course sit idle waiting to see when he’s next available. I have dignity (some friends of mine can die laughing with that) and make my own plans. If I can and he’s available we’ll meet. Triple YAY...
I will not cancel my plans for him (again, I can hear laughter at the back of my head).

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