Wednesday, 25 November 2009


I’m waiting for my parents to come and visit me for a week starting today. It’s going to be an interesting week since now it’s the first time I’ll be seeing them after I came out to them in summer. I really don’t know what to expect. In the past when they visited me, I had the usual talk about when I’m going to find a nice wife, go back to Greece, if I’m truly happy with my life and all the rest. I don’t know why but they had the impression that I didn’t like living in London and somehow I was forced to stay. Maybe they were just projecting their fears and worries saying that.

So, I’ve been making some preparations before their visit. Thankfully enough they are the type of people that like their independence. They’ll be staying in a hotel (I wouldn’t expect it otherwise) and they know their way around. Both speak the language very well and I do not fear about them getting lost or not knowing what to do in case something happens. They’ve also been to London lots of times and they know the center very well.

That means that for the last days I’ve been trying to find different things to do than the normal visitor’s touristic stuff. I booked tables in restaurants that offer something slightly different, arranged a day trip outside the city and they will also meet some of my friends. I want them to see that I’m having a good time here, or let’s say a good life.

I know that it shouldn’t be like that and I’m slightly embarrassed to say that but I am still looking for their approval, maybe more now than before. I’ve reached a certain age that I’m leading my own life and to be honest it shouldn’t be like that, but I just can’t help it. I’ve spent the last two days driving my housemate crazy cleaning and tidying our place and stressing over minor things. I know that it’s going to be ok, but I deep down inside worry about it. I just know that my parents are not getting any younger and I will not have them around forever.


  1. I hope that everything goes well. I dont think that you have anything to worry about though. The fact that they are coming over shows that they are fine with being in the situation, so you just need to show them how comfortable you are as well. They may not even bring the subject up at all, and that doesnt mean they are hiding from it, but maybe they think it isnt even an issue to raise. Hope it all goes well for you

  2. wow, been catching up on some of your posts. interesting stuff. i understand what you mean when you say you want your parents approval. That makes perfect sense. And i really hope that it all goes well for you. Ryans comment is also SPOT ON!
    will be keeping an eye on your blog. nice reading.

  3. Thanks to both of you for the comments and support. I know it will go well (but I can't help worrying a bit). :-)

  4. Μην ανησυχείς! They will come round to the idea eventually - and even if they don't, it's your life and not theirs. My mother was the one who reacted badly back in the early 80s when I announced I was gay, even though I was only confirming her suspicions. Within the year she became a supporter of gay rights, and we have had no trouble since then. Οι δικοί σου οι γονείς σιγά σιγά θα συνηθίσουνε την ιδέα κ'όλα θα πάνε καλά. Πρέπει να καταλάβουνε ότι βασικά τίποτα δεν έχει αλλάξει, γιατί είσαι ο ίδιος ο γιός που ήσουνα πριν. (Καλά το είπα; τα ελληνικά μου αυτές τις ημέρες είναι λίγο σκουριασμένα.)

  5. lol... Τα ελληνικά σου vilges suola είναι τέλεια! Ευχαριστώ για τα σχόλια. Αν θέλεις να τα εξασκείς, εδώ είμαι εγώ...

    I totally agree with you. It's my life after all. I can't see my mother being a gay activist though... That would be so funny / weird...

  6. Greetings from Cape Town,
    Good luck Nik,
    Parents' approval is something that never goes away completely. And I'm sure when they see you're happy, they will be too. All the best man.
    I like your blog - it's honest.

  7. Hey Juz.
    Thanks a lot for that...
    Just to let you know I love Juz, Jax & El. Keep up the good work...