Thursday, 26 November 2009

Thanksgiving… what?

I’m sorry but I am totally oblivious about this holiday. I’m Greek living in London, so what I know about this holiday mostly comes from ‘Friends’ episodes and other TV series... I know that it involves family fights over turkey eating. What first comes to my mind is the story of ‘Chandler’ describing how he was told of his parent’s divorce and so he was boycotting all related food. What second comes to my mind is ‘Wednesday Adams’ forced to take part in Thanksgiving festivities in summer camp. Finally, I remember Holly Hunter trying to survive her ‘Home for the Holidays’ trip.

So, you can see that I am bit puzzled about the whole thing…

What else I find very funny about it, is the President of the United States giving pardon to a Turkey. Honestly? So what happens to the turkey afterwards? Is it not slaughtered in the years to come? Do they have a back garden in the White House where all these pardoned turkeys live happily ever after? OK, I admit each nation has its own weird customs (I am one to know).

In theory, I believe it is a very good thing remembering the reasons we should be thankful for and not just during this day. Also I believe that any reason to gather the family around the same table is good for me.

However the story of the pilgrims inviting Native Americans for dinner is hypocritical to say the least. Everybody knows how much they loved each other during these years.

Anyway… I am probably being plain mean because I am working today when I could use a bank holiday and I shouldn’t.
Fellow Americans have a nice ‘Thanksgiving Day’!


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  2. A man after my own heart.

    First, you mention 3 of my favorite Television Thanksgiving day references/episodes/movies - had you mentioned the Charlie Brown dinner (popcorn, pretzels, jelly beans and toast) I'd have had to leave my husband for you.

    Second, I don't like this day because it ignores the travesty of how we white folk treated the Native Americans (there's a reason we call it white washing our history.)

    Third it glorifies eating and gluttony (something that has a huge negative impact on my life.)

    Forth, because it demands we spend time with people we wouldn't otherwise choose to in an intimate setting. However, because I've been accused of becoming a negative nancy, crotchety 80 year old man at the ripe young age of 38, I am trying to approach today differently and we have invited the family and are cooking dinner at our place.

    Sigh...I wish I was at work instead.

    Hugs from the US Northeast.

  3. haha! i'm laughing about the pardoned turkey's! LOL! thats hillarious dude.
    I dont know much about thankgiving being a South African and all, but i have real close friends in Canada who do celebrate the time of year so do understand it.

    haha - pardoned turkey. thats brilliant. haha

  4. I am with you on this one. I don't really understand the whole concept of it and learned most of what I know, like you, through a tv show, though mine was an episode of Buffy. American's do seem to have a way of whitewashing over their history and rewriting it to suit themselves better. I still love them though so I hope they have a happy thanksgiving nonetheless :D

  5. The pardoned bird (or birds) go off to a petting zoo. ;-)

    Thanks for following. Followed you back!

  6. @Breenlantern Sean, don't say you wished you were at work. You should be careful what you wish for. I agree with the 4 points you make! If you'd leave your husband, would I have to learn how to bowl? :-p

    @wozzel. the pardoned turkey is a fact. Check that:

    @Ryan O the whitewashing you mention is accurately correct. Still love them though...

    @Gauss Jordan thanks for the info. I liked your blog. I'll try to beat your running times... :-p

  7. haha, i actualy watched it on the news last night. very funny.