Monday, 9 November 2009

Uncharted territory…

I had a very nice weekend that left me at the end feeling very worried at the end, but first thing first…

I had a scheduled 10k run yesterday. I spent the day before relatively taking it easy and wandering around in my area… That’s a couple of pictures I took with my mobile that day (I don’t think I have a talent in photography):

Relaxing time having breakfast (guy in red hoodie was really hot):
Wandering around West London:

My first Christmas sign of the year (way too early if you ask me)

The race took place in Richmond and it went well (?). It was not for charity, but we applied for it so that we could keep us motivated and training for the upcoming half marathon. There was no train service to the area and most people (like us) found it difficult to get there. That caused massive queues at the lockers and the chip (time measuring device) giving booths at the last minute before the race. Not having enough personnel was not very helpful either. It was a bit frustrating and it got even worse when the race began with lots of people (including us) still in a queue!!!! That made us start running after checking in our bags with absolutely no warming up at 4 (freezing) degrees! I was really feeling bad for the first couple of kilometers, cold and out of breath. I managed to keep up and finish in around an hour. I wanted to finish the race in less time but considering the circumstances I don’t want to complain. The area that we covered was really nice though.

People queuing:

I spent the rest of my Sunday with ‘Essex Boy’. I had a very nice time. We enjoyed each other company and I believe that it is going quite well. He is very cute, caring, has a weird sense of humor that I like and I think that I can feel relaxed and as myself around him. (Not to mention sex is hot).

The thing that got me really worried is that he is one of the people that inflict pain on him. I don’t know the correct terminology or how to put it correctly. I feel a bit weird even writing about it. He has cut marks and burn marks on his arm (at least not many – but how many are TOO many). I of course asked him about it in a curious, laughing about it way, because I didn’t want to sound judgmental. I met him only a couple of times and I am in no position to make any serious comments on it. He told me that the last time he did something like that it was over six months ago (true according to the marks). He then asked me if he is the first person I met doing it and I said yes. I have totally no experience on the matter and it is freaking me out a bit. I will google it and see what I can find. Am I overreacting or not? I will try to talk to him about it again and truthfully ask him how worried I should be. I don’t know what answer I’ll get though….

Please, any comments would be appreciated.

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  1. That would definitely freak me out too! Do your research, maybe he should talk to someone about it. It's definitely something to take into consideration if you are thinking of a relationship with this guy. Obviously if you aren't serious yet, you can't really make too much judgment on it, but even as a friend, you have reason to be concerned. Can't hurt to ask him about it and figure some things out.