Friday, 6 November 2009

Rambling about various things…

I’m reaching my 50th post soon (probably in a week or so) and I was thinking that I should do something with the template of my blog. I know that 50 posts are nothing compared to others, but to be honest, I’m pretty happy that I’ve stick to it so far and I want to keep on blogging. It was an experiment that for the time being is on its 4th month and going well. It’s a bit of a disgrace to keep a premade template by ‘blogger’ instead of creating something of my own. That needs some searching though to check what options I have, that I do not know if I have to time to do. What I’m thinking at the moment is to play around with Photoshop and some pictures I have. We’ll see…

If you’re running a blog of your own, are you using a template you found online for free, ordered online, created on your own, based on an existing free one and modified it according to your needs?

I spoke to the ‘Essex Boy’ yesterday. I was in doubt whether to contact him or not. You know how it is. I didn’t want to sound desperate (contacting him too early) or indifferent (too late). The last time I texted him, was after leaving his place, on Wednesday really early in the morning. I thought that it was over a 36h period, so I did (and I’m happy I did). I sent him something a bit vague and general (how are you? I’m ok kind of thing). It took him a while to reply (if he did that on purpose he’s good) that got me a bit worried at first. But he suggested meeting this weekend (woohoo).

I’m doing a run this Sunday really early in the morning so I can’t really go out on Saturday, so I suggested meeting on Sunday in the afternoon / evening. He then suggested going to ‘National Gallery’ that was a bit surprising because (a) I find it going there a bit romantic (maybe that’s just me), (b) I thought he would suggest going somewhere for a beer or (c) meet somewhere that we’ll be alone together. Ok, I confess that this is probably not very kind of me, but you might give me some credit if you knew many people from Essex. Anyway, I’m happy we’re meeting anyhow and I will not say another word for it.

So, on Sunday morning I’m doing a 10k run in Richmond. It’s supposed to be a fun day because I’m going there with friends also doing the run and moreover I know about some people that are coming to cheer for us defying the cold and probably the rain. Yes, it will most likely be freezing (to go running in shorts) at 9 in the morning on Sunday (they say about 7 – 8 degrees) at least at the beginning and raining (typical for London in November). I also found out today that the tube line servicing the area will not operate on Sunday for scheduled construction works so it will probably take us a while to get there. Thinking about all these, I am not sure our friends will come to cheer for us…


  1. Did I just hear you say you might post your picture?

  2. lol... Did I? Is that a challenge?
    I just thought of posting a pic at Sean's undie Monday...

  3. In reference to the style of blog layout - mine is AWESOME! I used the layout I chose from Blogspot - so it's mine in that the color scheme is one I like but then I added a personalized header picture made by a friend of mine. It's too large for the layout but visible if you are on the page so I keep it like that. I enjoy yours too! I'm into greens though. And nwo I need to go back and find out about Essex Guy. Good luck on that!