Friday, 21 January 2011

Scattered Friday Photos

In two weeks time, it's the time to renew my mobile phone contract, so I'll probably get a new device. That made me go through and check all the places I've recently been and all the photos I've taken with it. Here is a random selection of some of the pictures take. Just because:

I like the colours of this photo. It's an old house in Symi. Summer in a Greek Island

One of JJ's paintings. He thinks it's crap and he wanted to throw it away, just like that, to the bin. From yesterday, it's decorating my living room wall. I like this painting and there was no chance I'd let him throw it away. Let me know if you like it

Street Graffiti

It always creeps me out when I'm all alone in the train. It feels weird

Random art in Camden Market

One of the nicest coffee places in Athens

Having finished all the bottles of wine during the bbq, we tried to find what else was available.

It's always gay in Whitley Bay. That's close to Newcastle...


  1. What type of mobile phone do you have? I ask because these pictures are fantastic - they look professionally taken by a camera not a phone. Beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing Nik!

  2. JJ's painting belongs in a museum, not the trash heap! Is he crazy?!

  3. I agree with Cubby. It's a great painting! He should be proud of it.

  4. @behrmark It's a slightly old Nokia N86 with 8MP camera which is quite good. I'll go for the Nokia N8 now with same lens and 12MP camera. I like having a good camera with me all the time. It's very convenient.

    @Cubby He is crazy yes. I love this painting.

    @Bobby JJ doesn't generally like what he paints. He always thinks it's bad and after a while he wants to get rid of it. That was happing before me. Now, I'll store everything. He has in number occasions simply given away paintings to simple passers by in the tube or the street.

  5. we like that painting thou!
    Does JJ sketch ppl portrait as well? with $$$ of coz and everything under the house?

  6. Great photos, as is the painting. But that coffeehouse doesn't look like any of the ones i've seen in Greece- filled with guys smoking and playing tavli :).

  7. Beautiful pics - love the cafe / restaurant pic of Athens. Looks like a fun place to hang out with friends.

  8. That is so funny. Yoru boyfriend really is South African....drinking Klipdrift and Amarula!!!! GO SA!!!

  9. @Cuz_n_Steve He's painted me, in oil. I look quite good actually. I might post that painting as well. For the time being he's painting things he likes and hasn't received any orders of specific stuff to do beforehand. I can't see why not though... I'll have to ask the artist though

    @gp These guys are hidden in the back. We don't want them to be too obvious. :-p

  10. @BosGuy Yes, it's very nice. We do hung out there a lot. It's a very casual, cosy place with really nice variety of coffee and tea.

    @JCLL Oh, yes. He is South African... :-)