Monday, 10 January 2011

Things I did this weekend

My weekend began with giving to Jeff a very heartily welcome on Saturday morning. He arrived around 9:30 in the morning after travelling for 20 something hours. I saw him on my doorstep wearing just some jeans and a t-shirt, tanned and smiling! My heart just melted. I couldn’t believe though that he came all the way from the airport in just a t-shirt in a rainy cold London! We don’t have a hear wave here as in Cape Town.

He brought me a very cute ‘Simpsons’ t-shirt (I have a gazillion different t-shirts and I want more), a great white shark’s fossil tooth to wear as a pendant (that was awesome) and a liqueur he bought in Paris while waiting for his transit flight.

We didn’t do much on Saturday apart from walking around in the local shops and visiting a bank where I had to sort something out. We spent all afternoon and evening cuddling, watching movies and ordering pizzas in.

Sunday was different though. We woke up renewed and ready to do things.

I managed to donate two bags of clothes to charity that I prepared after coming back from Greece. I want to sort more things out and donate though. I want to go once more through my wardrobe and drawers and find stuff I don’t need / want / use anymore. We’ve decided with my housemate to do the same with kitchenware that we have in abundance and don’t use.

We also went to ‘Tate Modern’. There is an amazing exhibition we want to see with Gauguin’s work. It’s in its final week (we left it for last minute). Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get in since the tickets sold were for entry 3.5 hours later and we couldn’t wait. I’ll book tickets online and we will go later this week. We went through the permanent exhibition though and we did have a nice time. We’ve decided to go to more museums and exhibitions this year and we said that we’ll try not to leave it for the last minute, although I can’t really see that happening.

The view from a Tate Modern's window

Anyway, our evening ended with ‘The King’s Speech’. My expectations were really high since all this people said amazing stuff about it. Fortunately, I wasn’t disappointed. The plot is a little bit predictable and slow at some cases but overall the movie is amazing. I loved the direction, photography and of course the way the actors played. All three of them, Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush were excellent. Firth really deserves his Academy Award nomination and the award if he gets it. I was also pleasantly surprised that my local cinema was packed with people when normally is not very popular. I like it when good movies are actually recognised…


  1. oh wow. He must have almost melted! the heat wave in Cape Town was INSANE!!!

    glad you had a ncie weekend :)

  2. I love Gauguin's work. You are fortunate to be able to access it relatively easily. And I'm really glad you liked "The King's Speech". The shark's tooth sounds cool. Will you post of pic of yourself wearing it someday?

  3. I've been having a clear out too - papers and stuff. Such a January thing don't you think.

    The King's Speech - I thought it was the Wallis Simpson film on abdication, that being the subject of the speech. Only when I was listening to a review did I get it was about Bertie.

    As a true story I'm sure it is very predictable!!!

    I will try the wardrobe thing this weekend I think.


  4. I gotta see that movie - sounds like a great weekend!

  5. Cool. :-) Sounds like a nice way to unwind, overall.

  6. @wozzel Thanks. Yes, it was amazing hot the last few days. I am not sure how happy he is coming back to a rainy miserable London though and back to work...

    @Cubby That's the reason I love living in London.I'm not sure about the photo. I'll see what I can do.

    @MadeInScotland Yes, real life can be a bit predictable. Of course Wallis Simpson is mentioned and portrayed not in the nicest colours but that is expected...

  7. @SteveA If you like this kind of movies, you'll love it.

    @Gauss_Jordan. Thanks. :-)