Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Shopping and other horror stories…

It’s no big secret that I’ve been trying to find a new job. I’ve been searching for quite some time now because I want to find something good that will help boost my career. The timing is not very good though, since not many vacancies are offered but I hope the market will open.

Today though, I’m meeting a consultant from a big job agency. They provide IT people to major companies including the big banks. If that interview goes well, they’ll promote me for a nice position somewhere in the jungle that’s the ‘City’ or ‘Canary Wharf’.

I am a bit stressed about it, although I do hope it goes well. I had to study some finance and banking terms, learn about investment banking and what else these people do there. It’s not really my cup of tea but necessary if I plan to get a job in banking development.

Anyway, apart from that, I had to get prepared and see what I’ll be wearing. For those that know me, getting fancy dressed is not something I willingly and happily do. In my present position as tech geek we don’t have a dress code. I do try to look presentable all the time with a nice shirt and jumper but I always wear jeans and comfortable shoes.

Today however is different, I can’t go of course to the interview as I normally dress and I need a suit, a tie and all the rest. The last time I wore a suit was during the interviews for my current position, more than 3 years ago. JJ sense of style is far better than mine. So, I dressed up for him and made him tell me the truth about the clothes and accessories I have.
Let’s just say that he did laugh a LOT.

Luckily enough, one of these old suits was good on me. So, the problem was the shoes and the tie. Going shopping for good shoes is a nightmare for me. I don’t mind going shopping for snickers or running shoes. The moment I have to put on a fancy black or brown leather shoe, I simply lose it. I think I lack this specific gay gene. I don’t like how some of them are shinny, have pointy fronts going upwards or have decorations on them.

Poor JJ had to put up with my complaints, nagging and practically not being very helpful. At the end I did manage to find a good pair or dark brown leather shoes, a matching belt and a tie. It took most of Saturday though. By the end of it I was exhausted. I do hope that if I find a job with such a dress code, I’ll somehow grow into it. I might even like it at the end.

We spent Saturday night watching the ‘Black swan’. I have to say that it wasn’t my favourite movie. It’s quite stressful and a bit disgusting. At some point I really did wanted to end so I could leave. I have to admit that the cast was really good though. Natalie Portman was excellent. I was amazed to hear that she did the dancing on her own. Being a ballet dancer is probably the most painful thing ever. She did an amazing job and I salute her for it. However, the movie didn’t really impress me.

PS. Thank you so much for the nice feedback I got from my last post.


  1. I'm with you when it comes to fashion and style. But while JJ is there to help you, Greg is of no help to me. He's as fashion blind as me. LOL

    I'm curious about Black Swan because of all the buzz, but I can't bring myself to go see it at the cinema. I'll wait until it's on DVD, and even then I'll play it while I'm surfing the internet and miss most of it. Thanks for giving your opinion of it. I feel better about skipping it.

    Have a good week :-)

  2. good luck with ur hunting! i wish you all the best darl!

    p/s u could certainly consult with fashion guru from internet. nothing with with that!

  3. @Cubby If you're both fashion blind, then it's OK. You'll not know the difference. lol. I believe Greg will like the Black Swan as JJ did...

    @Suf_n_Steve Thanks.