Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Review

As the year is closing to an end, it is only natural that I make my own revision of the time that passed. Overall it was a very good year with more ups than downs. In the top 3 highlights of the year I’d say the following in chronological order: I got a new position at my current job in August; we went to see the London 2012 Paralympics in September and the trip to South Africa (part 1, part 2 & part 3) in November.

Apart from that, we had lovely holidays this summer in Sardinia, a road trip to Devon on the Jubilee bank holiday weekend and my various trips to Greece during the year. Maybe my memory isn’t that great and it only goes back to summer and I can’t remember much that happened beforehand. Or maybe the beginning of the year was generally quieter than the second half.

In numbers:

  • I turned 31 in 2012. I currently weight 79 kilos and my BMI is slightly over 25. I need to work on that.
  • I blogged 77 times in 2012, almost the half times compared to 2011 and less than half than 2010. I fear life gets in the way...
  • I celebrated 3 years with JJ, one year living with him
  • I’ve been in my current company for 1 year and 5 months
  • I read 16 books according to my kindle without counting some printed books and lots of graphic novels. The ones to remember are ‘Dance with Dragons’, ’Dracula’ and the 4 first instalments of the Malazan book of the fallen decalogy(?). 
  • I mostly played Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 on my computer. I’ve also enjoyed Dishonoured, X-COM and Torchlight 2.
  • I had 3 very different long stay noticeable guests with the first in March being by far the most difficult one

Has this year made me a wiser or better person? Don’t really know, hopefully. There is no way to measure that, is there? I hope I’m turning into a more stable, comfortable in my own skin person. I also hope I’m building better foundations for my / our future, while making experiences and memories that will last. I’m learning there is no really need to worry about ‘what ifs’ and ‘would haves’. Try to accept some things that can’t be changed as they are. As a friend of mine used to say: ‘life’s too short to be anything but happy’.

That's me at a very young age. We still have that blanket... :-)


  1. Wishing you all the best Nik in 2013 and congrats on the relationship milestone (esp. the moving in together bit). Don't worry about the frequency of blog posts provided you clue the rest of us in on occasion.


    1. Thank you BosGuy. All the best to you too for 2013! :-)

  2. Greg has Dishonored for Xbox on order. It may be here by the weekend then he'll start in on it. The trailers look fantastic. What did you think of it?

    1. I really liked it. It is a bit small, but there are so many different ways of playing it and solving its puzzles. The atmosphere is great, the graphics and music fantastic. I really recommend it. I hope Greg likes it too. Let me know

  3. that all sounds well - may 2013 be even better !

    1. Thank you Ur-Spo. I wish the same to you too. May '13 be much better! :-)

  4. I like reading these reviews of other peoples years, just to see how different other peoples lives are.