Thursday, 27 January 2011

10 Reasons why I might make a bad boyfriend

No one’s perfect. I have some annoying flaws as a human being like everybody else. I was thinking about them yesterday and I am making a list of them. These are everyday small things that might annoy JJ, although he hasn’t mentioned anything yet. Of course they are not very serious...

1. I like being in control of the TV set. I like holding the remote and changing channels. Sometimes, I even manage to watch two different programs at the same time. I do ask for JJ’s opinion but in most cases he doesn’t really mind, so…

2. I twist and turn a lot in my sleep. I get easily tired of being in the same spot and I change it frequently. When I was growing up, I had guard rails attached to my bed, so that I wouldn’t fall off it, which was sometimes the case. I can only imagine how irritating it might be for someone…

3. I’ve mentioned to JJ that I’ll marry him if Greece is kicked out, leaves the EU and I face the danger of being deported from the UK. That’s not the most romantic thing you can say to someone.

4. There are some types of food I don’t l like. Unfortunately, this number is not that small. However, I am not picky in the sense that if I’m hungry I’ll eat almost everything. However, if given the choice I’ll avoid some stuff, like mushrooms or raisins. If a slice of pizza has mushrooms on it, I’ll most likely pick the biggest chunks of mushrooms from it and eat the rest even if smaller pieces are left. This however makes JJ avoid some stuff he loves eating when he wants to cook me dinner…

5. I don’t like watching horror movies, especially at the cinema. I have in the past denied going to watch one or two while browsing through the available movies at the theatre. I could watch them in DVD since the screen is smaller and I can more easily ‘escape’ from it.

6. I am not as fit as he is. After running for a while, I will start dragging JJ back. I’ll probably find a stupid excuse that either my ear hurts, or a mosquito bit me or something to excuse why I can’t keep up at the same pace anymore. I might also whine about it a bit, huffing and puffing on the way. I think that in general I might whine more. I think it’s a Greek thing…

7. I’m not the most romantic person there is. I really don’t like ballads, romantic songs, sending heart shaped cards and the like. I only occasionally buy small gifts and flowers. Last year for Valentine’s I took JJ for dinner in Nando’s. I liked it, he wasn’t very impressed…

8. I have the very bad habit of biting my nails. I simply can’t stop. I never use proper nail clips.

9. In most cases I can’t be bothered to clean my room or my flat. I like it tidy though. My house can be welcoming. Especially my living room, apart from being slightly crammed, is always tidy. However, I will not dust or clean it frequently. This can be irritating especially for JJ who is like another ‘Monica’ from Friends. He finds cleaning therapeutic. His place is always spotless. He’s even cleaned my place a couple of times when I left him alone to sleep late. He calls it ‘playing house’ and really enjoys it.

10. I keep in touch with the people I used to date. Apart from one, the notorious ‘L’, I’m in speaking terms with most of the people I’ve ‘seen’ in the past, even for a short while. I have them on facebook and occasionally talk to them. Once in a blue moon we might even meet for a pint somewhere. I have not kept that as a secret and I tell JJ everything. I don’t have a history of picking up people from clubs and most of the people I’ve met through online dating sites I spent some time talking online before meeting them. Even if they weren’t boyfriend material, it doesn’t mean I have something else against them…

I remembered another one but I don’t like to name my post ‘11 things that might make me a bad boyfriend’. It doesn’t go well. So, I’ll add it as an extra. It’s this blog. JJ’s very curious about it. He understands however that if I tell him the url I will probably stop writing the same way. I was thinking however of sending him some of my posts, maybe the most commented ones to take a look.

So, what do you think are some things that might irritate your existant or imaginary significant other?


  1. Loved this. it’s real and true. Thanks for allowing us to see this more personal side to you. I also move around a lot when Im sleeping, much to my boyfriends dismay, and I used to be messy. But now am dating super OCD boyfriend who has to have everything super clean and shiney. I must admit I’ve adapted well :)

  2. I'll marry you only if I absolutely have to? I pray that's some kind of joke! I can't believe he didn't smack you in the balls. Twice.

    I think the idea of showing him printouts of some of your blog posts is brilliant. He will love your posts as much as the rest of us.

    The mosquito bite excuse works like a charm for me all the time, but remember you cannot use it in the winter.

    Nik, I think you and JJ are lucky to have each other, flaws and all. Flaws make people more interesting.

  3. nice post! i don't think any of the things on your list are deal breakers. it just shows you're a very normal person :)

  4. Things that might irritate my Husbear? I bet he'd give you a really long list after our 13 years....

  5. hohoho
    I just bet by the end of the year, you will stumble on someone (when you least were looking) who has his own list. Yet, you two will work it out.

  6. If you tell JJ everything, what's wrong with the blog. He would love the part where you said you realized you loved him hearing him sing in the shower.

  7. @wozzel lol. I didn't know about the OCD boyfriend. You haven't mentioned it. It must be fun trying to adjust to it... :-p

    @Cubby JJ is a patient person. He listens to many weird things I tell him without a problem. I did tell him we'll go to Japan for our honeymoon after that comment, so he didn't say much...

  8. @Luuworld. No, they are not serious flaws. I believe not to be too bad on it.

    @Erik_Rubright 13 years is a long time. It would be fun to check how this list evolved through the years.

  9. @Ur_Spo Everybody has their own list of flaws. It's just a matter of keeping it in control.

    @tornwordo True. He will love it.