Friday, 25 September 2009

Gym Day

Yesterday it was gym day. Last winter I started going to the same gym as a friend form work. We get along really well and we’ve also became running buddies. Two months ago we found a personal trainer as well and we’ve started exercising with him once per week. The personal trainer (aka the tyrant with the whip) is quite good, funny and always smiling. We tend to laugh a lot during sessions (when we are not in pain) and make a fool out of ourselves to the rest of the people there.

My gym buddy (gb) is fitter than I am. From the beginning he was able to lift more weight, run more, do more repetitions and I was OK with it. I am not a very competitive guy and I know when there is no point in arguing. I just leave him make his silly comments when we tend to argue, for the fun of it. He just calls me a ‘lazy fat ass’ when I get tired easily and I call him a ‘twat’ and other similar flattering adjectives

Recently he’s started taking creatine as well and things turned even worse. I’m probably lifting half the kilos he’s using. I’m not interesting in taking creatine. My goal is to get slimmer and get a more defined body. I don’t want to go bigger. I’m pleased with the results I’ve been seeing recently with the workouts and my running (I’m applying for half a marathon next spring / summer).

However, now I’ve reached a point where I can’t see any change. My body is kind of stuck or even going backwards. I know that this is expected and I will get over it after a while. However, I have to get more competitive, even with my own self and push me a little bit harder. It’s just sometimes I feel like failing at this (not a very pleasant felling).

No, I don’t want to whine about it. I’ve always believed that if you want something changed, you have to help that change happen. Like being said in ancient Greek: ‘Συν Αθηνά και χείρα κοίνει’
(move your hand along with Athena; ie don't expect Athena to do everything for you, do something too).

So, after my weekend in Glasgow and all the deep fried stuff I’ll eat there and the booze I’ll consume, next week I start fresh with exercising and dieting.
However, do you know if there is any healthy food supplementary that will help me lose some weight and get fitter? Vitamins?


  1. Plateaus at the gym are your body's way of saying it needs to be pushed more. The next time I’m getting lazy at the gym I’m gonna remember, “‘Συν Αθηνά και χείρα κοίνει’” That Athena was wacky.

  2. I'm impressed at you sticking with it. I keep going on about losing weight - usually in the down-time between stuffing my face!! Plus it's a case of finding the time. Or is that an excuse?! Hope you get over your plateau - sure you will! Yum :-)

  3. StevieB, that extra bit of push is what's troubling me a bit. Maybe I'll have some of the men there giving me a push. Did you try the 'Athena' wording? Did it work?

    Mike, I think you can always find some time for yourself and do some exercising. It doesn't have to be 5 times a week. The area you live in is identical for jogging / cycling for example

  4. Hi Nik, be sure to stick with it. Creatine isn't for everyone and if you feel any hesitency towards it dont take it! There are several risks associated with Creatine that I blog about. Although it definitely has some positive potential it is still very unknown! I myself stick to whey protein as a safe and reliable supplement. Protein is the building blocks of muscle. I don't want to be HUGE, just a kind of fit but not 'scrawny' if you know what I mean. I think hard work and protein can get you there!