Friday, 11 September 2009

Friday Evening

I am not really sure about the position of the planets / stars and how they are affecting my life. I was never good, or really interested, in star signs. However, today’s just not been my day. Ok, when I mean ‘day’ I mean the last 24hours…

My landlady (yes, I do not own the place I’m staying) came yesterday to let me know that she wants an increase of the rent! I am not very good at negotiating and even though the market is down and I know that there are so many places available I gave in. At least the raise is not that big and will start affecting me in winter. So if need be, I can still move (although I really really hate doing that) then! This encounter left me feeling weird (and like a fool).

Truthfully the thought that made me feel a bit better was the fact that I would spend the whole weekend with ‘Mr. T’. We chatted nicely on the phone yesterday and I really was looking forward to that. However, he sent me today an email (yes, an email) to tell me that he doesn’t want to see me tomorrow! I am quoting some phrases from his email and because of courtesy I will exclude others:
‘I do think that sooner or later you will hurt me not intentionally but…’
‘You are a good looking guy and very outgoing and have so many opportunities to meet new guys’
‘I'm not my best physically and confidence wise…’
‘…you need to be with someone who's going to be your equal…’
So basically I was being dumped for being too good for him (according to what he’s saying). What irritates me is that I should be the one to make the decision of whether he is good enough for me or not. I also believe that we needed more time to get to know each other before actually making this kind of decisions. I just feel that I’ve been unfairly deprived a chance at something…

Anyway, I am not going to go into arguing about it. I just feel a bit sad…

I’ve also have to see how I’m going to spend my weekend… Any ideas?


  1. awww! that really sucks man. :( i would just tell him that you're disappointed that he feels that way and that you were genuinely interested in him and leave it at that. unfortunately there's not a lot you can do about it and (you're right) arguing about it isn't going to result in anything. sad :(

  2. Godfrey, I tried a bit reasoning with him through the weekend but I didn’t manage much…

    Anyway, when are you going to next update your blog? It’s been ages… :-p