Friday, 18 September 2009

I think I’m paranoid…

Before commenting on me becoming paranoid, I have to say that yesterday I saw a theatre play called ‘Punk Rock’ in the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith. It is not something spectacular in a blowing your mind off kind of way but I really liked it. It stands in the same ground as ‘Spring Awakening’ (that I strongly recommend if you haven’t seen). OK, it might not be as good as that, but the acting was extraordinary, the dialogs very well written and the ideas presented were something to talk about. What else is there to ask for? And the cost is very low starting from £10 and going up to £25.

After the theatre play me and my two very good friends, we went for dinner in a nice local Chinese place and walked around the area. After that, I went home, saw my lovely 'wife' (don’t make me start on that again) and went to bed. That’s when it happened. I saw a ‘nightmare’ for my Saturday’s run! And it’s crazy! There is no absolutely reason for me to feel so stressed about it. And I thought that I was ok-ish about it. However my subconscious believes differently…

In my dream (which I normally seldom recall), I was getting ready for my run. I was in the correct place and I had many friends with me. That was a bit weird because I saw current friends from London but old ones from university that I haven’t seen in ages as well and from my childhood that I don’t even know how they look like now. I decided to go to pee before the start and then bad things started happening. For some unknown reasons I took my shoes off before that (don’t ask me why – probably out of respect for the toilet) and they got stolen! I couldn’t find any of friends to help me look for them so I started frantically looking all over for them but I couldn’t. I decided to replace them by wearing some else (I think I found someone’s extra pair that fitted). But, by that time, the race had already started and I had to run very fast just to reach the last group of people. I ended up reaching the wrong group and lost not knowing which way to go.

Thankfully, something woke me up at that stage (probably my lovely ‘wife’) and I was able to get some more dreamless sleep. I know this is all crazy. I am just a bit nervous because it’s my first run and I’m going alone since my running buddy is not joining me (big story). I’ve done 8 miles run in the past and I know I’ll be fine. Even if I don’t do a very good time, I really don’t care. I’ll try to enjoy myself. I’ve even created a playlist of songs to hear that I named ‘Run Fat Boy Run’ (from the homonymous movie’.

The whole dream is just from stress, right?

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