Monday, 7 September 2009


I believe that in a major city like London (and not only there) temptation is everywhere. You have good looking guys running in the parks, enjoying coffee in nice cafes, having a pint in a pub, having dinner in posh restaurants, exercising in gyms and not to mention the internet. Sex can be found everywhere and apparently for some it’s so easy! There are so many cruising grounds that it gets ridiculous! Apparently, there must be more than one in every borough…

I was recently told that there is even an application in iphone that you can check people online in your surrounding area. It also displays your current distance (in miles, even yards) so that you do not have to commute much (and lose precious time from your next date). You only need a picture (preferable naked / half naked) and you start talking about where to meet, just for sex.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not being judgmental. Every person is free to do whatever he wants with his life. I’m not putting myself above that. It’s all about choices that one must make (and suffer the consequences, if there are any).

The point I want to make is about the difficulty of starting a new relationship in all that.
How easy is it to meet someone you might care about and actually make an effort to get to know him more?

Based on a recent discussion I had with friends, when you meet someone new, you have to put a little bit of an effort. You have to rearrange your schedule according to his, put up with commuting (most likely), sleeping in an unfamiliar bed and surroundings, getting accustomed to his habits, meeting his friends (trying to look extra nice besides the fact that you feel like being interrogated), taking notes about what he likes and what he doesn’t like etc.

However, what makes you sure he’s worth all that? How can you maintain your focus on that person? How can you not go back to the quick solution of meeting someone new (it’s easy, fast and hassle free)? Maybe that new person who’s behind the corner is better. How can you stop old ‘special friends’ from calling? Should you take yourself out of the ‘market’?

Probably, there is no answer to these questions. You just have to take your chances and hope for the best. It all comes down to what you feel in your guts when you kiss him for the very first time, doesn’t it?

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