Monday, 5 October 2009

I’ve been very naughty!!!

OK, I’ve been naughty. I took my sexual experiences a little bit too far this weekend, but I really did enjoy it and of course I do not feel bad about it…

I’ve recently started talking with an old boyfriend of mine, the ‘Brazilian’. He’s a nice guy and we had our fun in bed, but we weren’t very compatible outside of it. We separated our ways after a couple of months of dating. A couple of weeks ago, we started talking again. We went clubbing together in XXL and we had fun. We have decided that nothing serious would come out of this. To be honest I also wanted to expand my circle of gay friends and I know that the ‘Brazilian’ is very well connected.

Last week, I chatted with the ‘Brazilian’ about going out on Friday and he suggested going to one of his mate’s birthday gathering. His mate is Greek and I wanted to get to know him, so I agreed. We also agreed that I would spend the night at his place after the party.

The gathering took place in a very nice gay pub. By the time we arrived there, most of the people were tipsy already and moving to the rhythm provided by the dj. It didn’t take us long to catch up with the drinks. I met some really interesting people (I didn’t know anyone), some of which I would like to meet again and get to know more. I was having fun, kept on drinking and making small talk with some folks.

After a while, I was mostly chatting with a really cute guy (exactly my type), the ‘teacher’. We were talking about general things like work, living arrangements, place of origins etc. We were slightly flirting as well. After the pints turned into vodka, the flirting bit got a little bit too serious, with the ‘Brazilian’ also taking part in it. We ended up group hugging right in front of the bar (I’m not really proud of that bit – sorry if you were there to watch it) and hmmm, let’s say touching each other underneath clothes (I blame the drinks from Russia)…

After a while, the three of us decided upon leaving and going to the ‘Brazilian’s place which was closer. That is when the real fun began! It was my first time being with two guys at the same time and I have to say it’s a really nice experience. I’m generally kind of shy (really), not being dating guys for long and never had the chance before, but I’ve been curious about it for a long time. For some this might sound like old news, but it me it was something. I also blame Mike’s blogs that I've been reading recently about it as well (I’m kidding) for making me even more curious.

Let’s say we didn’t sleep much that night. After a while, when the side effects of drinking were gone I had even more fun. It’s like watching live porn and taking part in it. There are times you don’t know who’s doing what and whose body member is whose.

I loved the fact that it happened gradually and normally. It wasn’t prearranged or talked about online to cause me any kind of stress or nervousness. I was also feeling quite safe since I knew the ‘Brazilian’.

The only problem I found was the sleeping bit. After some hours of fun, we were dead tired and wanted to get some sleep. Three people of our size could just not fit! I don’t know how the others did it and dozed off quickly, I was left there, looking at the ceiling, not being able to move an inch. I’m sorry but I need my space when I go to bed. At the beginning I twist and turn a bit to find my position. That procedure gets even more difficult in a strange, unfamiliar bed. I need space and I don’t want people touching me much. I feel trapped since I don’t want to wake them up by moving so I get a bit frustrated. That’s what happened that day as well.

So, I decided to get up, get dressed and go. I don’t think that was very polite and I probably missed some morning action, but I couldn’t just stay there. I kissed them both goodbye, told them I had early arrangements (kind of true) and left.

The whole experience was very nice, left all happy the next day (even if tired) and I recommend to people that haven’t tried. After telling my friend ‘gb’ the next day, I was left with the question. Does a threesome count as an orgy or not?


  1. Pardon me whilst I go take a cold shower.

  2. Sounds like a hot night and I am glad to have had even the smallest influence on you :-)

    I love group action, especailly small groups, and now I'm monogamous I don't miss them but boy am I glad to have done them. Enjoy, keep going for it, and keep blogging about it :-P

  3. Awesome night! I had my fair share (like Mike) when I was single - lots of fun, no regrets. Enjoy it while you can!

    PS I think the definition of an orgy is 4 or more.

  4. StevieB, I'm happy I had that effect on you...

    Mike, you're a bad influence...

    Monty, I feared as much. I might need to have an orgy to tick that box as well...

  5. one guy for me at a time, thankyouverymuch :)