Thursday, 22 October 2009

The runner’s world is full of surprises

I don’t actually consider myself a proper runner since I’ve been running for just some months. Comparing me with people that actually finished some proper runs is a joke. However, I think that I am slowly (and painfully) getting there.

There are so many things you have to consider and do before, while or after running!

Since you put your body under constant strain for a long period of time (even for hours) you have to watch every little detail that might cause problems.
One of the very basic lessons you (have to) learn is about shoes! Their importance is amazing (no wonder). Unfortunately, there are so many types and brands that choosing the correct one can be quite difficult. Unfortunately, even after buying them, you are not done. You still have to be careful about things like the type of shocks you wear.

Lately (this Sunday), I learned about the importance of lacing (I actually had to, it wasn’t my choice). We’ve decided to do a longer than a 10 mile run for the very first time. I tried to do everything right about that run. I went to bed early the day before, chose my clothes carefully, had my banana in the morning etc.
I decided to tie my laces tightly so that I would not get blisters (disgusting image not added due to censorship). That was a lesson I learned quite early as well. However, I think that I overdid it. I must have tied my shoes way too tight. That of course made the upper part of my feet hurt and I was in pain probably after the 6th mile.

I managed to finish my run normally (woo hoo). It was the longest run I’ve even did (so far). My feet however hurt like hell for the next couple days. It wasn’t my legs (sore muscles) that were causing me pain (I was feeling that as well but not as bad). It was the upper part of my feet.

After, doing some internet search I came across this wonderful lady who is teaching me how to tie my laces so that I will (probably) not have the same problem again. It’s like being with my dad, aged 5 (can’t remember exactly), trying to learn how to tie my shoe laces. You just learn something new almost every day…

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  1. Keep up the good work! There's no feeling in the world like running 20 miles and thinking "Bloody hell - I just ran 20 miles!" You'll be there in no time.