Wednesday, 7 October 2009

7 of Meme

After Sean and Kelly, I thought of contributing too:

7 Things That Scare Me

1. Snakes
2. Gangs
3. The Alzheimer disease
4. Speeding (most of the times)
5. Dentists
6. Earthquakes
7. Losing one of my five senses (or are there six?)

7 Things I Like

1. Sex (I’ll just state that once generally)
2. Enjoying dinner with friends
3. Books
4. Theatre
5. Running
6. Watching people in Arrivals
7. Travelling

7 Things I Hate

1. Living away from my family
2. Can’t afford some things I want (not exactly need)
3. Confrontation
4. Asking for money (that unfortunately includes asking for a pay rise)
5. Being dependant on people I don’t actually like (my boss)
6. Cleaning up someone else’s mess (friends excluded)
7. People blowing smoke to my face

7 Things In My Room

1. Bed
2. Alarm clock
3. Plants
4. Books
5. Bedside table lamp
6. Dreamcatcher (that someone suggested looked like a weird cock ring)
7. Sheesha Pipe (for decorative reasons)

7 Things About Me

1. I got into a fight once at primary school. I managed to make my opponent cry of frustration and flee because I was not returning his punches (I completely blacked out)
2. I’ve been reading comic books since I was 9 years old
3. I’ve been totally scared of coming out to my family. I managed to do it some moths ago and of course never regretted it
4. I am a sergeant of the Greek Military (doesn’t say much – really) with the speciality of being a lorry driver or a book keeper of things kept in warehouses!
5. I love my close friends to bits
6. I’ve never broken a bone or had stitches (knock on wood)
7. I can’t stand idle for too long…

7 Things To Do Before I Die

1. Get married
2. Get an animal(s) (dog or cat)
3. Learn a 4th foreign language
4. Travel to the Caribbean islands
5. Run a marathon
6. Do some more volunteer work
7. Move out of the flat to a proper house that I own

7 Things I Can Do

1. Move my ears
2. Multitask
3. Be disciplined
4. Play tennis
5. Cook (I haven’t food poisoned anyone and I get some good feedback)
6. Solve computer related problems (or at least know where to look)
7. Play chess / backgammon / checkers

7 Things I Can’t Do

1. Blink one of my eyes
2. Speak easily in front of a crowd
3. Improve my accent in French
4. Be bored of sex
5. Whistle loudly
6. Make bubble gums (I really don't know why)
7. Enjoy watching Cricket

7 Favorite Movies

1. Star wars (old trilogy)
2. Lord of the Rings
3. Fifth Element
4. Love Actually
5. Steel Magnolias
6. Amelie
7. Nightmare before Christmas

7 Things I Say Often

1. It’s doable
2. Anyway…
3. Sure
4. When? I'm in
5. Come on, let's go
6. What's for dinner?
7. Hello

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