Tuesday, 27 October 2009

My weekend away (part 2)

After the end of the show in ‘Dolls’ we were ready to go partying some more so we headed to one of the trendiest (and also gayest) areas of Athens, ‘Gazi’. We went straight to Sodade which is (apparently) the place to go clubbing. I had heard that it was nice but I wasn’t ready for what I faced. It was brilliant!

There were two stages (not very big). The first one was playing more dancing pop songs remixed and the second was playing slightly more hardcore dance / trance / house high bit music. I’ve always been confusing the dancing categories so I do apologise if these terms are not the correct ones. The fact is that 85% (or more) of the crowd was dancing their feet off. When we arrived there, it was already around 3:30am (after the change of time) and the place was packed (in Greece people go out late). I’ve been going out a lot in London and I forgot how crowded a club can be in Greece since there is no respect for the regulations about the amount of people allowed in a club (dangerous but true).

I had a really amazing time there: good looking people, nice music, drinks. I was in heaven! What else is there to ask for? The only thing that kind of annoyed me was the smoke. The majority of people there were smoking (yes, there is a new Law that bans smoking indoors bars / clubs in Greece since July) and I’m not used to that anymore. We left the club around 6:30 in the morning and it was still very crowded. I was told that it’s like that almost every day, even in weekdays and I really recommend it to everybody that wants to go and dance while being in the capital.

The rest of my day in Athens was uneventful. I flew back to London in the evening and tried to get ready for the busy coming week. I loved though my night out in the capital...

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