Monday, 28 February 2011


My brother left on Saturday. Generally we had a really nice time, especially when the two of us went shopping last Friday. We went to Westfields, the big shopping centre in west London, and we spent there our evening shopping, checking things out and having dinner. We visited shops with sports stuff, clothes, electronics and the ‘Lego’ store! We used to play a lot with Lego when we were growing up and it was fun to check the multicolour, full of bricks store. I bought for ‘JJ’ a key chain from there which I thought was really cute. My brother bought some clothes and gifts.

We did talk a bit as well. He told me that he’s happy for me since I found what I was looking for and that I did very well in setting up my life here. He added that he liked JJ a lot and that he’s expecting a visit from us in Athens. We also talked about future plans, his relationship and unfinished business with his ex wife and his current relationship. We finished our evening devouring massive burgers at ‘Byron’.

I really can’t wait to see him again… Maybe I should arrange a visit to Athens…


The next morning, I resumed my training for my half marathon which will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland, in less than 6 weeks time. The organisers are sending us emails with the countdown to the event which to be honest is a bit irritating:
‘Yes, I know when I’m running!
No, I don’t want to be reminded every second day.
Yes, I know I’m not running as often as I should.
Please, leave me alone’!

I successfully managed to run three times last week but it took a toll on my leg muscles. However, ignoring the sore legs, I managed yesterday to run from ‘Temple’ station in central London to ‘Hammersmith’ station in west London following Thames. Ok, the run was a bit (very) slow and I had to stop a few times, but overall it was 9.8 miles which I finished in almost two hours. The funny bit was that it started brilliantly with a lovely sunny weather to end up with a cold rain when I was already sweaty! It’s a wonder how I am not ill today!

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That's my route, although there are bits of the Thames' path missing from Google Maps. I did try to follow the river as much as I could till Putney Bridge.

For my race, I need to increase my long run by 4 miles trying to keep the time more or less the same. I’m also thinking of using some recovery energy bars or powder to decrease the soreness of my legs. Do you know if it’s worth it? Do you have any advice on products? I’ve tried googling it and I have something on my mind (Lucozade Sport Recovery Powder Stick) but I’m not sure it I should go for it or not. The problem is that I need protein and some carbs, but since I’m looking to lose weight, I want to keep the calories intake to minimum…


  1. It's really cool that things went well with your brother, and it's cool he invited you and JJ to Athens. Do you think perhaps later this year it's time to take JJ home to meet your parents?

  2. I am so very happy that all went well with your brother. Good news, indeed!

  3. Family visits can be cool! I'm glad you are open to ur bro! That's a big step!

  4. @Cubby lol... Oh, no! Meeting my parents??? There's no way I'm ready for that... Not yet anyway... You're giving me a fright...

    @behrmark thanks...

    @SteveA Cheers... I'm happy too.