Thursday, 24 February 2011

Family matters…

My brother’s here.
The day he arrived I was teasing JJ all day long. He was of course stressed about it and I tried to calm him down by teasing him. The poor guy was studying subjects that he though might interest my brother. So, when I met him before my brother arrived, I heard the story of the ‘Wembley’ stadium, about the Greek independence war against the Turks and about sailing… These of course are not topics covered over a pint in a pub, so they didn’t come up. They were funny to listen to though.


Anyway, the first night my brother arrived the five of us went to a local pub for food. We had a really nice time and as expected he liked JJ. He was very impressed by his paintings in my house as well. Yesterday we met again in Putney where we walked around, had coffee and a nice dinner. Unfortunately because of JJ’s work, he couldn’t stay late and his lack of sleep made him a bit silent during the evening. So, they didn’t really chat for long, but it was fine. We generally had a nice time. Today, he’s going to the football match and he will be back to London tomorrow.

For tomorrow, I’ve decided a night out just the two of us. I’ll take him shopping for his girlfriend and then to a nice place for dinner, maybe Mexican or Japanese (cuisines not easily found in Greece). I’ll also make him buy me something since he still owes me a long awaited and promised Christmas present. He’s the big brother after all…

That’s a picture of us (I’m on the left). I’m not going to keep it online for long. We don’t look too much alike but everybody’s saying that we have the same gestures and body language as most siblings do. I have my father’s round face and believe it or not darker complexion. He has my mother’s lighter hair and eye colour and oval face. Since I’ve been living in the Sun forgotten country called UK, I have become so pale when he still possesses a healthy looking tan all year long.


  1. That's a great pic of both of you. Your bother's ok, but you are completely WOOFY!

    I suppose tonight when you are alone with him you'll talk a little about your life and your relationship with JJ and the fact that you are in love. I'm interested in knowing what your brother says. My own brother and I have never had a deep conversation like that. I hope if you have one with yours it goes well.

    And one last thing... Grrrr

  2. I agree with Cubby! Woof!
    Hope you both enjoy the visit! Have fun....

  3. I want too join the conga line of slobbering readers who think you are as cute as a button.

  4. @Cubby Thanks. I'll ask my brother more about JJ but I don't think I'll get an answer of more than 4 - 5 words. He can be articulate like that some times... We don't usually do the deep conversations either...

    @Jim and Ur-spr Thank you guys... :-)

  5. I felt kind of selfish, I finally got to see your cute mug.

  6. Nice to be able to put a face to the writings!

  7. @StevieB cheers...

    @tornwordo It was only a matter of time. Maybe now, I'll post pictures of me all the time