Friday, 18 February 2011

Party with celebrities…

This time of the year is JJ’s agent birthday. JJ knows him for more than 15 years and used to be his flatmate. That period of time for JJ is the ‘dark years’. I don’t know exact details but I know that JJ was a bit promiscuous back then. I’ve heard of crazy parties with substances and alcohol, naked dancers etc. JJ is totally domesticated now and much calmer. His agent though still lives in that ‘area’ and uses the world ‘fabulous’ a lot. I like that JJ has a past in a way since he has an ‘I’ve tried it, I know what it looks like, it’s not for me’ kind of approach to things.

Anyway, this week was the ‘Agent’s birthday. It’s the second time I’m attending this event. The first time I’ve tried it, last year, I was very curious to meet him and amazed at the type of people I met. Since he is an ‘art dealer’ for the rich and famous, he knows people that I don’t usually associate with. His friends/potential clients/circle mostly includes the rich, the snob, the eccentric, the artists and every possible variation between. The Agent comes from an old and well known English family (I was told).

This year was more or less the same. When we arrived to the event, hosted at an exclusive gentlemen’s club in Westminster, we were greeted by the Agent with a loud ‘Darlings’ that made everybody in the room turn to stare at us. After the very brief ‘happy birthdays’ and ‘how are yous’ the Agent moved to the next group of people after introducing us to a lady called ‘Veronica’! With the Agent you can only get a very short period of time that you can speak before he moves to something he finds more interesting or ‘fabulous’. If you miss your chance…

Anyway, we talked a bit to ‘Veronica’. She was a bit old, with white hair, very large black glasses and heavy makeup. It was easy to see (even to me) that her fashion sense was a bit from the 60’s or 70’s. She seemed like she was a really beautiful woman once. We made small talk and she informed us how she hates going out in bad weather (she definitely picked the wrong country) and that is why she missed last year’s Agent’s birthday. We had a picture taken, me her and JJ and we moved to the next crowd.

Later that night it was very obvious that there was something that JJ wanted to share with me but couldn’t. I could see it in his eyes that got this sparkle when like a child he really wants to blurt something out. I later found out that the ‘Veronica’ we met was actually ‘The Lady Lucan’! Ok, that name might not mean anything to you the way it didn’t to me. However, I did my research and I found some really interesting stuff about her.

Lord and Lady Lucan were part of London’s aristocracy back in the days. They were very well respected, famous and wealthy. One night of 1974 however completely changed all that. According to what she claims Lord Lucan attacked and killed the nanny of their children and also tried to murder her. She managed to escape the last minute and he vanished. His traces disappear the day after these events when he took a boat to cross the Channel.

Lord and Lady Lucan and their daughter Frances

There are lots of speculations about what really happened that night. There is the Lord Lucan’s story as narrated to his mother on the phone before he disappeared, the Lady Lucan’s version and the slight variations of the daughter, Frances, who was watching television and the time of the attacks. The story however made huge headlines, at the time, and various ‘sightings’ of the missing Lord Lucan were made during the years. As JJ tried to explain to me, think about what would have happened if Beckham killed the nanny, attempted to murder Victoria and fled the country!

Funnily enough there are a couple of websites regarding this story with his version, her version or neutral. It’s like reading an Agatha Christie novel. According to what JJ told me however she can’t be totally innocent since the children are no longer talking to her (she actually admitted that to him) and she lives in recluse.

If only I knew all these things where we were talking about the weather, I would have totally asked her: “So, did you plan to kill the nanny and Lord Lucan for their secret affair and buried his body in the back garden?” That’s always a nice conversation topic...


  1. welcome to celebrities lifestyle! darling

    you got to luvvv it! awwwwww

  2. Funny, when I look at Lord Lucan I get a Freddie Mercury vibe.

  3. @Suf_n_Steve The celebrity lifestyle I find a bit weird... Too much drama...

    @Cubby It's probably the fashion of the time...