Friday, 25 February 2011

Same Sex Couples…

I was thinking about differences between same sex to different sex couples and I came up with only a few! I can’t really find many differences even if I wanted. I don’t agree that in a gay couple someone has to take the ‘husband’ role and another the ‘wife’ role. I don’t even understand what that means, although I came across people thinking in these stereotypes. Is the ‘bottom’ one the wife and the other the husband? Is the one doing most of the errands the wife?
Please bear in mind that I am not being serious and I don’t want to offend any one. I am just playing with stereotypes…

Same sex couples:
I found it VERY worrying when I realised that in same sex couples, your exs can become an item! Think about the horror seeing your ex A being a couple with your ex B and talk / gossip / bitch about you! If only there was a hole I could hide in.
For the time being I only have a good friend of mine being a fuck buddy with a guy I dated a couple of times. At least we didn’t ‘drown the rabbit’ (Greek expression) so they can’t gossip about what I do/don’t in bed or grade me in any case… I’m not (very) insecure when it comes to that, but I would find it a bit weird.

Female same sex couple:
It’s funny (at least to me) how lesbians’ monthly circle change and becomes synchronized. However, I fear that a couple of two hormone driven women will be difficult to manoeuvre. How do they keep calm and not have fights every single month?
It’s also a good thing that in female couples, both parties can understand ‘women’ issues equally.

Male same sex couple:
When a man and a woman date, it is accustomed (at least it used to be) about the male courtesies regarding taking a coat, pulling a chair, opening a door, maybe paying the bill. What happens when a gay couple dates? Who takes this role? (Am I the only one who thought of that?) Who is supposed to take the initiative and call the next day?
Also, snoring can be an issue…


  1. Each couple (gay) is different...some like the husband/wife split - maybe it's comforting to follow tradition, maybe it's just their disposition....but whatever makes one happy!

  2. Drown the rabbit? I'll have to use that one.

    I've run into the awkwardness around who opens the door, etc. on dates. It seems to work itself out.

    It's also funny to see how small the gay world is, even in a fairly large city. Facebook can illustrate this. When you realize that some of your FWBs are friends with each other - it's kind of scary.


  3. @SteveA You're right. I shouldn't generalise like that. Whatever makes one happy

    @NewLeaf Yes, the world is too small sometimes...

  4. put it this way darling!

    We dont do stereotypes in our relationship until we have a child! so true!

    It is just between us two! and we believe in each other and lend our head to each other shoulder whenever needed!

    The best way to avoid stereotypes - understand each other temperament and assimilate with it!

    BTW, u look cute! heheheheh

  5. @Suf_n_Steve Yes, probably when a child arrives things change a lot and roles and stereotypes are followed...