Wednesday, 23 February 2011

News and various other stories (2)

I have explained how I love reading bizarre world news. There are so many intriguing, utterly weird stories that happen around the globe that can be tragic, funny or between…

There are some things wrong with the world.
I have been laughing so much at that: ‘The Catholic Church gives blessing to iphone App’!
Apparently with $1.99 you can buy the iphone Confession App! The user will be able to enter his sins / wrongdoings and receive guidance, advice and ways to understand the consequences of their actions!
"Our goal with this project is to offer a digital application that is truly 'new media at the service of the word'," said the company.
Anyone reminded of the ‘certificate of forgiveness’ sold by the Catholic Church apart from me?

Everybody living in the UK knows about the County or Borough Councils around the country trying to cut their expenses by either firing staff or doing general cuts (on everything). It’s been an ongoing battle about whether council taxes should be increased or not. That is why, when I read this article, I was amazed at what’s going on: Council cuts: Just what is a 'non-job'?
Around the country there are people being well paid for doing absolutely nothing! I am not exactly sure who they are sleeping with but I am totally jealous! For example there is someone in Manchester, (earning much more than I do I must add) whose only responsibility is to ‘Identify nuclear hazards and promote alternatives to nuclear’! Unfortunately the ‘walking co-ordinator’ for ‘leading walks to tackle obesity and ill-health’ has been axed last year… However, there is the ‘Roller disco coach’ position funded by the government, if anyone’s interested!

In another part of the world, in Australia, a small town called ‘Speed’ changed its name to promote road safety! It is now called ‘speedkills’! OK, that will happen for only a month, but a local resident called ‘Phil Down’, will change his name to ‘Phil Slow Down’!!!!!

Finally, in Israel, a new striking force against terrorism will be consisted only by mice! Scientists trained mice to work in 4 hour shifts and apparently they are better than dogs or x-ray machines in spotting drug or bomb carriers.
My question is: who really thought of trying this thing out? Are there going to be mice freely running around in airports in the future?


  1. The mice idea is pretty good. I hope someone gets a fat bonus for thinking out of the box like that. However, bomb-sniffing dogs don't cause people to flip out screaming like mice do. I think using mice at airports will chaos and riots.

  2. @Cubby It would be nice to look at people's reactions, wouldn't it?

  3. Roller Disco Coach. I love it. Totally worth every penny of my council tax.

  4. @adarknessinthelight It is a great work title, I know...