Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Busy like a bee and other microwave stories…

I’ve been amazingly busy the last few days. It’s been really hectic here at work. Lot’s of orders coming and lots of pressure by the directors to bring more income to the company. It’s the same old story where sales people promise anything to the client to make a sale and the technical team has to find a way to deliver. I have to admit I was feeling really low and stressed at the end of last week but I am feeling a lot better now.

I also received some negative replies to job applications which also didn’t help me feel better and that issue last mentioned with ‘JJ’ didn’t help either. We are in a much better place now. We’ve talked about it. He complains that I don’t talk much about how I feel, which is true. I have a way of sulking. I tend to withdraw to myself and keep quiet than actually express my emotions in fear of making the situation worse or hurting someone.

Anyway, I’m feeling much better now. I’ve decided not to let work stuff affect me or my personally life. There is no need to feel so stressed. I can still be poor and happy. At least I still got my current position and even if there is no future in it, it does provide me with what I need. There are so many people in worse place than I am, so I shouldn’t be ungrateful or greedy…

Changing the subject completely, this totally made me laugh yesterday. While doing my normal shopping in my local supermarket, I visited the ‘personal’ section. I was in need of lube and condoms. Don’t ask me why but I go for the ’extra safe’ Durex ones. When I went home, I took my shopping out of my bag and tried to remove the cellophane of the condom box. It’s so much better not to leave that for the last minute. That’s when I saw the super market’s label on it:

‘Security Protected – Please remove before microwave’

At first I was puzzled! Do I have to microwave them? Was I been doing wrong all these years? No one told me that! What’s even worse is the fact that I don’t even have a microwave!!!! Am I not to have sex?

But the almighty Google helped me yet again. After some really weird youtube videos where people blow condoms with hot water and wiki pages on how to use them, I figured out that my supermarket is simply being weird…

If I am completely missing something, please let me know. I've heard of using for example ice cubes in your mouth to give a better 'chilled' bj, but not about cooking / warming up your condoms.

By the way, I had ‘Sainsbury’s’, ‘Durex’ and ‘Google’ grey advertised on my post. Do I get any vouchers?


  1. hahaha. Nik, i'm sure that you've not been doing it wrong. lol.

    Perhaps someone stuck it on there? Please go back and look if all the boxes have them on. Then, if that is the case, i'm lost for words!!


    unless of course people are meant to pop them in the microwave for "hot sex"

  2. No Nik, do not nuke your rubbers. Could it just be one of those anti-theft devices to catch shoplifters? I'm sure condoms are stolen frequently, especially by shy people.

    What you said about sales people promising the world then putting all the pressure on the tech folks... that's the story of my entire career. Every time I see a sales/marketing person I want to kick him in the nuts. I figure it would make me feel better at least. LOL

  3. It puts me in mind of the advice my Mother used to give me... "Never put anything in your mouth unless it's been boiled first!"

  4. Warm condoms? Sainsburys might not know what condoms are - it's an old fashioned shop!

  5. hahaha do we really need to do that on condom? i never used thou! coz im stick with 1 bf/hubby...hehehe

  6. @wozzel. I went this weekend to the same supermarket and I've checked. I think that the older boxes were sold out. The new ones don't have the same label on them.

    @Cubby True... I didn't think about the anti-theft devices although the label seemed like a normal sticker. I don't think there was something more to it.

    @CityBear lol... that's a nice one

  7. @Stephen_Chapman That could be true... Judging from most people working there as well...

    @Suf_n_Steve I always use one...