Monday, 21 September 2009

We are golden

I did my 10k this Saturday for Cancer Research UK. I had an amazing time and I really recommend it to anyone who might be interested. It took place in Finsbury Park and more than 1100 people were running. The atmosphere was great. There were families and friends giving support as well and the Park was packed. We had some warm-up with a lady from YMCA. It was quite cool watching more than a thousand people doing aerobics at the same time. I even met a couple of people and ran alongside them for a while.

In general I tried and managed to enjoy the day very much. I must have waved and smiled to probably every toddler and baby in the Park. I did stop only to take a couple of pictures with my mobile. When I was finishing my first lap of 5k, some people were already finishing their second. I did my 10k in 1 hour and 8 minutes. It’s not very good but I am not worried about it. It was my first run. I’ll improve in time…
I’m definitely going next year.

In that evening I went to XXL’s birthday party. It was my second time going to XXL in more than three years I’ve been in London. Overall, I had quite a nice night out despite being a bit tired. There were a live show from ‘Dream Bears’, ‘Bears Aloud’, ‘Pepermint’ (a drag queen from NY) and from other people as well. I’m sorry to say that I didn’t know any of them. I was told about ‘Dream Bears’ being in ‘Britain Got Talent’ that night. I don’t have a TV set, so I don’t watch much of it (I only follow some things online) and I didn’t have a clue about it. They were quite fun though. I danced my night away and met a few people.

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