Thursday, 17 September 2009

Can I? Just for a couple of days….

I have a friend of mine crashing at my place for the past almost 10 days now(I don’t want to count, it might freak me out). The plan (at the beginning) was for her to stay at mine for a week to study because she has to take some exams (fair enough) and start applying for work. The exams were two days ago and she’s still here. I know that it’s my fault because I should talk to her about it.

I know her for ages, although we never were that close friends. The truth is she doesn’t have anywhere to go. Leaving my place means booking a hotel room and I don’t really like the idea (she’s jobless after all). She can’t find a place of her own because she doesn’t know in which area, or even city, she’ll find her new job! So, we’re kinda stuck and a bit overcrowded…

Fortunately, some friends of hers are coming back to London and she might go there. That’s after Monday though and it is really getting on my nerves. Where I’m leaving now, there’s no common room / sofa for her to crash so we’re sleeping together in the same bed (after all these nights, is there a chance I’ll become straight?). I haven’t shared my bed for so many days even with boyfriends. Ok, I am a bit selfish but I like sleeping on my own from time to time.

However, the worse thing is that she’s always there, in my room! She doesn’t have many friends in London, she doesn’t want to spend much money and she was studying after all. That means that I’ve been on my own, alone alone, only for 30 minutes since last Tuesday! Can I please scream now? I’ve tried telling her to go to places, visit the area and she does… while I’m at work.

OK, I am not going to bitch about it more. I know that it’s not easy or convenient for her too. And she’s been trying to cook me dinner or even iron some shirts of mine etc. But I really need my privacy!!!

OK, after admitting all that I feel a bit relieved that I’ve said them but guilty of being mean. She is a friend in need… If only she could go out more…


  1. How did she end up staying with you in the first place? Sorry to say, sounds like bad move on your part if she's not that close a friend as it means she may have no qualms in using you. Hope you figure it out. At the very least you need to tell her you need some you time and ask her to go out in the evenings a couple of times a week. For your own sanity.

  2. Thanks. I know what you mean. It's just, sometimes, I find it dificcult to say 'No' to this kind of questions...

  3. Sorry bout that Nik. I stayed with friends for 5 months on a couch when i moved to NYC after school. it wasn't nearly what your situation is, but it was still tough. i was soo grateful that i was able to do that. i'm sure she'll never be able to say how much she appreciates you helping her out like this. i wonder if there's any way you could send her to a movie or something just for a few hours so you can have some time to yourself. this is probably overdoing it, but maybe you have a friend who's place you could crash at for a night just to have a night on your own. i dunno if that would be necessarily better for you though. lol. good luck. x