Friday, 10 September 2010

Having dinner in KFC before cinema

So, I was sitting in a KFC restaurant (?) with ‘JJ’ enjoying some nice greasy food when he looks me in the eyes and tells me:
JJ: I think I’ve found what’s wrong with me.
Me: Many things are wrong with you. Which one are you referring to now?
JJ: I thin I have GAD.
Me: What’s that?
JJ: Generalised Anxiety Disorder.
Me: Is that new? They always come up with a new disorder each week. I have trouble keeping up with them.
JJ: It means that I get stressed easily and sometimes I worry for unimportant things too each. I can make something small seem serious.
Me: Hmm... You know you’re doing it again, right? Just because you worry sometimes too much, you have all of a sudden a disorder?
JJ: You think I don’t?
ME: Yes, sometimes Google is not good for you.

OK, I know that sometimes I sound condescending. However, that’s the way that some conversations go between me and JJ. He’d say something totally out of the blue and I would try to rationalise it. I’m the person with the square logic and he’s the artist. I’m the boring one and he’s the exciting one. Anyway, he wasn’t totally being serious about it and I did try to play along. We laughed a lot about it.

Anyway, after I tried to talk him out of having a disorder (as fashionable as that may have been), I started thinking about how many disorders there are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to talk about the serious ones. I’m talking about the silly things. For example, I read on the paper (not a very serious one) the other night about how Kendra Wilkinson has a pizzaphobia! And it’s not just the celebrities. An acquaintance of mine I met on twitter (for the short period of time long ago I was into it) told me that he had a phobia of telephones! At the beginning, I thought he was joking, but apparently he wasn’t! He simply can’t use a mobile phone! He’s actually scared of holding one.

There must be now a disorder, phobia or mental axiom about everything these days. What did it all come down to that? Aren’t there enough serious problems in the world that we try to find and make new ones? When is it politically correct to just say to some people to simply stop whining and deal with the problem they think they have! Or am I just being obnoxious?


  1. At least with a new disorder, phobia, or mental axiom folks who don't like their personal flaws can identify a cause (rightly or wrongly), wrap their minds around it, and work towards fixing it to make themselves a better person.

    The alternative is for folks to believe they are permanently flawed. They are left dissatisfied with their lot in life and there is nothing they can do about it. This may lead to *real* mental health issues like depression.

    I think if JJ wants to believe he has the mental illness du jour, let him. He'll be happier for it.

    As for me, I'm very happy knowing I have 6 different mental illnesses. Thankfully they counteract each other perfectly!

  2. @Cubby I like the 'mental illness du jour' as you mention it. I'll propose it.
    Having a phobia of pizzas however is not a personality flaw to work on. She will not become a better person by dealing with it. She has other more important issues to work on than that!
    I really do not want to offend anyone. I am just commenting that this is getting a bit out of hand...

  3. I completely agree with you. Enough already!!
    It sounds like you and 'JJ' are a PERFECT match. :-)

  4. Oh dear, now i think i have GAD. :) nice post. xxx

  5. Hah. I do something similar when I'm talking with people who are my "real" friends; I start jabbing them verbally with the occasional condescending remark. I realize I do it, and stop, but I'm not sure if it's endearing, friendly, or me being a jerk.

    I wonder if there's a name for that disorder.

  6. @AJohnP thanks. :D

    @Paige You should look into it. It's really serious

    @Gauss_Jordan There must be a name. OCD ? Occasional Condescending Disorder? Although I think this is already been given...

  7. What is the disorder for enjoying KFC? I have to fess up, I've been guilty with the zinger stinger at 2am occasionally. But, when I need to go, I prefer a flame grilled BK.


  8. I have a disorder Nik.
    It's called forgetfulness. I forgot to send your mug with my sister, but fear not. I will make plan.

  9. @MadeInScotland At 2am? Oh, no. That is quite serious! I think you might need counselling.

    @Juz Don't worry about it. Really. I hope you had a really nice time with your sister. :)