Thursday, 9 September 2010

What was that?

I went yesterday and I saw ‘Salt’, the new movie of Angelina Jolie. Boy, was that a bad idea! It was so disappointing! It was definitely one of the worse movies I saw this year.

You have some spy, action movies like the Bourne series. You know they are farfetched and the hero is literally indestructible, but at least they are well directed and intriguing. You also have some action movies like ‘Wanted’ when at least Jolie looks sexy. ‘Salt’ was nothing like any of these. The story was awful; the acting was bad and the action scenes amazingly unoriginal and uninteresting. Jolie looked amazingly skeletal skinny with bad skin and awful hair. She was able to singlehandedly however take out most agents of CIA and KGB (or whatever the Russian agents were) that stupidly waited in line to be bitten by her.

I had a similar expression of shock when I left the theatre

I believe even ‘Piranha 3D’ might have been a better option than what we watched yesterday. At least there you know what to expect and laugh with it.


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  2. I got in the habit of avoiding all Angelina Jolie movies quite some time ago. I'm just not that impressed with her at all.

  3. i see this actress a lot - who is she? is she lara croft?


  4. Not a fan of her movies - she's hot but I don't really like the movies she makes! Girl Interuppted was good though!

  5. @Tarot. Thanks

    @Cubby You're welcome.

    @Behrmark She has done some good things in the past like 'Girl Interrupted'. She hasn't done anything worth mentioning in ages though

    @MadeInScotland Lara who?

    @SteveA I agree. That was a good movie

  6. tomb raider. though I saw something in the paper yesterday. I think I was confused with Mila Jovovovovvoovitch

  7. @MadeInScotland I might go and see Mila at some point. No, I will never learn. Yes, I might have masochistic tendencies...