Friday, 24 September 2010

Private Dinner Party

‘JJ’ had the day off yesterday and he suggested coming to mine to cook dinner after I finish work, just the two of us. Of course I agreed (I am not that stupid). I love the way he cooks. Some people have an imagination and ability to create amazing stuff out of (almost) nothing.

The downside (?) of this whole thing is the amount of stuff he made (and we ate). Here’s a picture:

not finished yet

As you can see there are four pots and pans for the two of us. What is missing is the couscous being done on a separate bowl. For starters we had pancakes (bottom left) with salmon and chives in white wine sauce (bottom left) with a little bit of salad. For main we had the beef stew with carrots and celery (top right) with the butternut squash mash (top left) and the couscous (couldn’t fit in the picture)! Fortunately we didn’t finish everything, we simply couldn’t!

That man talks straight to my stomach…

Anyway, this is an example to demonstrate how being in a relationship sometimes is bad for your waistline. I am taking him running though tonight. Of course we’re going to a very nice Japanese restaurant after that! Sushi is healthy!

On a different matter, I finished my homework for school for tomorrow! I’ll pack my lunch in my lovely X-Men lunchbox and be ready! Not really, I don’t have a lunchbox. Maybe I should get one…

Have a lovely weekend everyone! enjoy...


  1. Isn't it nice being with someone who not only is an excellent cook, but enjoys cooking?
    As for the waistline...I know all too well what you're talking about.
    Yikes. :-)

  2. @AJohnP Yes, I believe you know what I'm talking about. Jim looks like an amazing cook.

  3. Aaah, typical South African man. Likes to eat, and likes to eat a lot! Looks good though :)

  4. @MadeInScotland Yum indeed...

    @wozzel yes, when it comes to food, we never argue... :-)