Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Foul mood…

I haven’t slept well at least the last two days. I simply can’t seem to relax and let god Morpheus take me. I don’t know why he might be upset with me. I don’t know what to do to please him and accept me…

The truth is I have many stuff in my mind at the moment. I feel pressured from all the things I have to do and failing to accomplish in the degree I’d want to. There is of course no one to blame but me. I have stuff at work, that are delayed and I’m struggling to finish. I have lots of studying to do and failing is not an option for me. I also have arranged running for Cancer Research the Sunday of the 17th October, the day after the final course, and I want to train for that as well. In the meantime I am applying for new jobs, trying to sort out my finances and go to the gym regularly with my personal trainer which leaves me in pain the next day(s).

Of course, a logic person would tell me to stop training and going to the gym, sort my priorities and stop worrying for things that are not mine to control.
I disagree… Running is something I love doing. I am not that great (yet) at it but I love how it helps clear my mind. I love that I am increasing my mileage, that I my average speed is also increasing and the feeling of accomplishment it is giving me.

I simply need to put myself together. Arrange a studying schedule that can be followed and accept the fact that some sacrifices (cinema, going out) need to be made in order to accomplish some of my goals…

Anyway, enough whining. I’ll be fine, I know it. I feel already just by writing these things down. A very strong shot of caffeine will make me so much happier now. Maybe some chocolate? And I’ll definitely find how to please Morpheus. Maybe a nice chamomile or warm milk tonight?


  1. what if the use for having partner...

    have a good sex and surely you could share ur worry with him!


  2. Sounds like you know what you need to just do it!!
    Believe me I know...easier said than done.

  3. I completely understand what you're going through. Big HUGS for a restful sleep.

  4. @Suf_n_Steve I know but JJ these days is working late hours and he's staying at his place. I don't want to trouble him (too much) with my problems

    @AJohnP yes... Easier said than done. :-)

  5. @behrmark thanks. :-)

    @Cubby yes, I will probably do...

  6. Sounds like your getting stuff out of your chest! Work will always be there - you clear a project now, there's one more waiting - be careful it piles up and gets you more crazy!

    Anywho - keep at the gym - I can;' imagine my day without yoga!

  7. @SteveA You're not going to believe it but I've never tried yoga (yet). That will definitely be one of the next things to try...

  8. I've often heard that too much stimulation (TV, computer, phone) before bed can make it difficult for your brain to turn off and rest. Maybe you could try a light meditation before bed or performa an activity that otherwise calms you down (:

  9. @Westopher. I've never tried meditation. What I do is read. I always read a bit (comics, fiction, fantasy, biographies) before sleeping. It helps me calm...