Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Summer Holiday 2010 (Part 2)

Coming back from Turkey was a slight relief. I was getting tired of not being able to walk properly on the street or getting into a shop to freely browse through the products without having someone trying to force me to buy whatever there was on sale. These ‘callers’ were everywhere and were quite annoying. You couldn’t go and check a restaurant menu without someone trying to force you into it.

Also, on our last day there, I had called the port authority to check on our boat reservation and I was mistakenly informed that I should go there three hours earlier than planned. We thought that there was a change on the scheduled ferry and we didn’t mind leaving earlier. Upon arrival to the port, the guy on the ticket office rudely told us that we simply have to wait these three hours outside, at the heat. There was of course an air conditioned waiting lounge but it was closed to the public until departure time! At least I managed to finish reading the ‘Northern Lights’ that I wanted to do for some time.

The next day after our arrival, we picked up our car and drove to Southern Rhodes. We drove in style, in a Hyundai Getz! Did I mention that the car was yellow as well? Oh, yes. We drove to a five star Spa Hotel in a yellow tiny car. It was hilarious. Of course we parked between a nice convertible BMW and another massive AUDI.

We were upgraded from a suite (with a private swimming pool) to a bungalow (with a larger private swimming pool). It was amazing. We received complimentary massage treatment which I loved. The place is amazing and I totally recommend it for a lovely escape. There are no cities or big villages around, but I do not think they are needed. We spent almost two days just reading, sitting on our sun beds, jumping into our swimming pool and going into the Jacuzzi with the starlight effect (no, I will not publish these photos).

The last two days after the Atrium Prestige Thalasso Spa Resort, we spent it with JS in Rhodes. We visited the Old Town, did some shopping and had lovely sea food. ‘JJ’ totally loved our visit to Greece and I think I’ve convinced him on going somewhere in the Mediterranean next year as well. He loved the fact that he could go around everywhere in his flip flops on a t-shirt and shorts. He loved relaxing on a sun bed, having a nice cold frappe coffee while reading his books. He also bought a t-shirt with the Greek flag (very cute).

Overall, we had a really nice time. We didn’t argue or got bored with each other at all. All my worries (of course) before going there were of course totally unfounded. Only the receptionist in Turkey wanted to put us in a room with two beds, but she didn’t insist too much. Generally we didn't pay attention to other people and enjoyed ourselves.


  1. I'm really happy for you that you had a great week and that everything went so well with JJ. I'm curious if you noticed other gay couples in your travels?

  2. Great pics - I want to go there. I was thinking about going Turkey as one of my next visits - but also thinking Morocco or even Nicaragua! Not sure! But now I'm interested in where you went!

    BTW - you should post some pics of you in there!

  3. @Cubby Thank you. There was another gay couple in the Spa Hotel I did notice. I didn't really see anyone else. In these small Greek islands you will not find gay bars. It wasn't high season with lot's of people around. You can find nudist beaches where gay people are found, but we didn't really try to find them.

    @SteveA I haven't been to Morocco or Nicaragua so I can't really help you. If you need any help or tips on Greece I'll be more than happy to help you. Just ask.
    Yes, at some point I'll put some pictures of me.