Sunday, 19 September 2010

200th post

I’ve successfully managed to reach 200 posts and 50 followers! Compared to other people it’s nothing, but I am all very happy. I really do appreciate the comments I’m receiving, my followers and the people I meet through blogging.

I’m leaving you with some eye candy from various websites and categories. It’s not X-rated (I’m not having that kind of blog) and I have to say that I suffered browsing the internet to find these pictures. Oh, the things I have to go through in research’s name…


  1. Congratz Nik!!

    Your blog and mine parallel each other very much, did you know? We both started in summer '09, both reached 200 posts this week, and both have about 50 followers. I say well done to both of us!

  2. Well, congrats! I love looking back on my blog-using it as a diary.

    Keep trucking!


  3. Well done you!
    I really appreciate the pain you suffered through to bring us these pics....especially that last one. Grrrr. You're the best.
    Behr Hugs!

  4. 200 down, 200,000 more to go!


  5. mon congrat darling!

    i like the guy in pic no 1 so much!!!! hahahah

  6. @Cubby lol. Indeed, well done to both of us!

    @MadeInScotland So do I. :)

    @Jim thanks

    @Behrmark I know. Life can be tough

    @Suf_n_Steve I know. He's one of my favorites...

    @Gaus_Jordan :-D

  7. Yay on 200 blog posts. Keep them coming and keep us entertained!!! I look forward to the next 200 x 200 x 200 x 200 posts!!!

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