Friday, 17 September 2010


I want to change my mobile phone and I want to change it now (I stomp my feet on the ground as I say that and I can even do the face like a three year old). Unfortunately, my contract expires early March 2011 and I can only upgrade a month in advance. However, I’d like a change. Do not ask me why. I just do. I am not spending my money in designer’s clothes, expensive accessories or furniture. I have a soft spot for electronic gadgets though and I love doing market research / reading reviews about them…

My current phone (Nokia N86 8GB) works fine. The 8MP camera provided is excellent for pictures and videos and the 8GB of memory is perfect for music, pictures or file transferring. I use it with Google Maps, Ovi Maps, for my runs (Sports Tracker) and gaming (Sudoku, Frozen Bubble etc). However, I got it after having for a year and a half its predecessor, the Nokia N81 8GB. Their differences are not that great and I find myself for 2 and a half years with very similar phones (1,5 years of N81 and 1 year of N86). So, I rightfully think I need a change…

I will simply not buy an iphone. I can still resist it. I don’t like Apple’s ethics, image or policies as I’ve mentioned in the past. I also don’t like how almost all my gay friends have one and are crazy about it. Especially gb is going on and on about it ALL the time. When everybody’s is talking or doing one thing, the rebel in me simply does different. My personal trainer told me yesterday that he had his iphone stolen and he tried the new Apple store in Covent Garden to buy one. They are daily sold out! They receive new iphones version 4.0 but there are people outside the store queuing from 6am and half an hour after the store opens, they are finished!

So, I am between two mobile phones (at least for now). I’m thinking of the new Nokia N8 or the HTC Desire HD. They are both not for sale yet and there are no final reviews I can check, but they look quite promising. The Nokia is using the new Symbian version ^3 OS, has a 12MP camera and 16GB of integrated memory (upgradable as well). The HTC is in Android 2.2 OS, wider HD screen, has an 8MP camera and 1,5GB integrated memory (accepting microSD cards). According to hardware Nokia is definitely winning.

However, the HTC phone must be cheaper with a far better Operating System (from what I’ve read). I’ve been buying Nokia phones for many years and the Android might be the difference I’ve been looking for. Also, Android applications are greater in number and better in quality. I fear that Symbian’s new version is not really that different and I might end up with a very similar phone again, only with a touch screen. Can’t I have Nokia N8 with Android 2.2 please?

Yes, I am a sad person and I can be greedy / materialistic / geeky some times…


  1. Although I use a MacBook (and love it) I won't be getting an iPhone. The primary reason is I am very happy with my current service provided. I don't want to change that. So my provider offers an alternative to the iPhone; some friends have it and they love it. So when I can upgrade I may go that way myself. But I think I still have almost a year before I can do that for free. Ok enough about me. LOL

  2. thought u just came back from ur lush holiday aka my big fat Greek holiday.

    u have spend recently on ur Java certification! very good- how much does it coz u?

    do u have enuff saving for the next 6 month or after ur contract expired by 2011.

    make sure the mobile u bought can be pawn for latter days! (sorry very bad word from me)

    Great Britain is not making progressive economics improvement dear! so we need to be very realistic on our spending!

    My mantra for you dear

  3. @behrmark Thanks for that. The only Apple item I have is an ipod shuffle (the old one) for the gym...

    @Suf_n_Steve No, of course I don't really need it. And of course after the course and the vacation I'm running low on money! I will probably wait for my upgrade!
    However, you enjoy more, the things you don't really need! :)

  4. I'm weak I want an iPhone! I have a blackberry pearl at present and it's small and easy to chuck in my pocket! Thinking about changing, but not sure between a BB or Iphone!

  5. I believe human beings are just built that way, always looking for the newest, the "better".

    Or maybe that's just me. :-)


  6. So here's my thing with Apple products: When you use them to do what they're designed to do, they work flawlessly. I had friends over for a party Saturday night, and had my iPad out on the coffee table. Anyone could browse my ~15 GB of music and modify the playlist at will, wirelessly, and change the music pumping through the whole-house audio system with just the tap of a finger.

    I'm pretty sure the same thing would've been possible with an Android phone, but it would've required way more effort on my part. :-)

    Plus iPhone has Grindr! :-D

  7. @Pearl lol. I don't think it's just you.

    @Gauss_Jordan It depends. For example the iphone is not really a great phone, is it? It's a great application gadget.
    I see what you mean though. I agree at some degree.
    Grindr will be released for Android at some point. :)

  8. @SteveA lol. Yes, moments of weakness come to all of us.