Thursday, 16 September 2010

Rumbling Thursday…

Thank you for the book recommendations. I’ve ordered the ‘Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story’, ‘London Triptych’, ‘Geography club’ and ‘A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1)’. These books will keep me occupied for a short while.

I’ve always wanted to read the Geography club since as I’ve mentioned in the past I have a thing for Maps, Cartography and geography in general (Yes, I am a geek). I am so going this Sunday to the exhibition in British Library called the ‘The Magnificent Maps’. It’s the last day this Sunday but I can’t go earlier. The ‘Game of Thrones’ I’ve heard is a really nice Fantasy book.

Funnily enough, ‘MadeInScotland’ also suggested to me a book called ‘The Pope is Not Gay’, by Angelo Quattrocchi. That comment was never added to blogger and the email I received had the following warning:

I really don’t know why I can’t get rid of this warning even if I click on ‘Show Content’. That reason alone is suspicious. Of course Microsoft is not the best company when it comes to tolerance and freedom of speech.

By the way, ‘MadeInScotland’ raises some really interesting issues regarding the Pope and his UK visit, if you’re interested.


Yesterday, we went to watch ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’. It follows exactly the same steps as the previous movies. Milla is an awful actress and the plot is very predictable. However, the whole thing manages to appear entertaining. Not having high expectations of course helps. We got our pop corn and buckets of Coke and sat comfortably to be 3D entertained.


I’ve been quite productive the last few days and I am really enjoying it. My new schedule includes waking up at 6:30, going to the gym approximately from 7 till 8 and then going to a coffee place for breakfast to study Java before going to work. I simply don’t know how long it’s going to last though. Going out after work (gallery, cinema etc) is reducing the hours of sleep I’m getting.

Today, I didn’t go to the gym or to study because I have my personal torturer in the gym this evening. This is the first time I’m going alone! It will definitely be interesting. Most likely, I’ll be in pain tomorrow…


  1. @Steve_Finnell Thank you for the offer but I think I'll pass for now.