Monday, 6 September 2010

The time of my life

I am well and back to London. I had the most amazing time with ‘JJ’ in Greece. That was by far one of my best holidays ever.

Today, I’ve landed at 1:20 in the morning after a 4-hour flight from Rhodes to get home around 2:45 to wake up to go to work. I chose not to get an extra day off to rest because I fear I am running low on them. That means that my mental capacity is not that great to go into great length about what happened (yet). I’m posting some photos though (I took around 300 of them).

Walking around in colourful Symi

(my) Happy feet

Always begging for food

Rhodes' Water Park, the waves pool

The ancient city of Lindos overlooking the village below

My parents' balcony view

Agios Pavlos beach in Rhodes

Watersports in Prasonissi (Rhodes), I drove a jet-ski

Our bungalow's private pool

Panoramic picture of our hotel


  1. The pics are terrific. I love watersports!! I hope you had a chance to try out your scuba.

  2. Great shots - i just got back from vacation myself and I want to go back!

  3. @Cubby Thanks. Unfortunately, I had a cold for some days which prevented me from scuba diving. :-(

    @Jeremy_Machetta Thanks... :)

    @SteveA I know the feeling...