Friday, 7 October 2011

Silly morning questions

Today’s ‘dress down day’ at work. We don’t normally do it. Oh, no. We wouldn’t want to look human at all. We have to wear our uniforms, our suits, every day. However, today we have the ‘Jeans for genes’ day when with a small contribution to the charity, everybody can wear their jeans. It’s nice. It looks like a children’s party. I like it. Most people here do look as normal human beings.

I have to confess though that it took me much longer to figure out what to wear than the rest of the days. So, the uniform does have its advantages. I do blame the weather which turned for worse. It’s getting very cold again, the normal temperature for this time of year. However, lots of people are wearing t-shirts today. Why? Are they not cold? Is it me coming from a warmer background that is more sensitive to lower temperatures?

I’ve also noticed that the majority of people in t-shirts are wearing ‘Superdry’ t-shirts. How come? Is ‘superdry’ the ‘Ambercrombie’ of the straight people? I don’t think I own any Superdry clothes. For a gay person I am completely fashion-less. The first time I tried to visit their central store in ‘Seven Dials’ a couple of years ago, it was during summer sales. I innocently asked one of the saleswomen about whether they do sales. She gave me a harsh look, like I had tremendously offended her just by looking at her and replied: ‘We don’t do sales’. ‘Piss off’ was probably what she thought afterwards or at least this is how it felt. Needless to say I never visited that store again.

Changing the subject, I have another silly question. Yesterday after work I went to JJ’s for dinner (delicious by the way). In order to get there I need to take the tube and change a couple of times trains. Since it was during the evening rush hour and there were some delays on the service of some of the lines, the stations were packed! So, I arrived in the station where I should change trains and I waited patiently for the next train to arrive. The platform was simply heaving with people in work clothes and tourists. Most trains that arrived in the station were already packed, but the vast majority of people still tried to squeeze in! Why on Earth did they want to do that? I could see the passengers by the doors bent in weird and painful angles. However, the next train was two minutes away and the one after that, three minutes away! Were all of them really so much in a hurry that they couldn’t wait 2 to 3 minutes?

I waited for the third sequential train which arrived in 5 minutes and was less than half full. I didn’t find a seat but I wasn’t that bothered. I stood and read my book calmly until I reached my destination. I don’t understand how people get into that manic mentality and need to push other people aside in a tiny spot in a train barely having space to breath! For what? To save two minutes of theirs lives? Didn’t they have an already busy and tiring day at work to extend their frustration for a longer period of time?

Last but not least, when I move in with ‘JJ’ will I have to throw my porn collection away? You know, as a good will gesture to put my past behind. Not that I have any porn OF COURSE. I’m just saying…


  1. We have no dress code at work, so when I have to dress *up* for something (a presentation to clients) I spend easily twice as much time in the morning getting ready.

    And re: porn, have you watched any together? I've still never done that with someone I'm dating.

  2. I have no dress code at work, aside from having to wear clothing. Although in the previous IT gig, we had "Jean Fridays", where we would donate a dollar to charity to be able to wear denim.

    And I definitely have no fashion sense. What's an Abercrombie? ;-)

    As for the porn: NO! Never get rid of it. Just merge your collections!

  3. Arizona is one big 'no dress code'.
    I am usually against dressing down. It is still true people are more respectable and more polite when dressed up. I try never to dress down too low. I still 'dress up' some to visit the doctor/dentist or take a flight.

  4. I work from home so my dress code is lax to say the least.

    With regards to the comment about the Tube - it never ceases to amaze me how shortsighted or in a hurry people can seem to be. I've followed your lead in the past when waiting for the subway here in Boston and always been happy - truly good things come to those who wait.

    Lastly, keep the porn!

  5. @Gauss_Jordan No, we haven't watched porn together... I don't see a problem with it though. Maybe someday. I'll let you know.

    @Erik_Rubright Yes, it was for charity for us as well.

    @Ur-Spo I don't know.... In the financial district people dressed up are not generally polite, I think. They are generally demanding, rude and stubborn...

  6. @Bosguy... Thanks for the comments!

  7. I can relate to the packed train story. I was in London about 10 years ago and experienced something similar. I waited forever for a train to come, and when it got there it was so packed I knew there was no way I could get on. I looked at the people, they looked at me, and we both knew I was not getting on board.

    The next train arrived as the packed one pulled out and it was mostly empty. I can't explain it, but I was happy I didn't attempt to get on the first one.

  8. @Cubby In most cases there is an empty train coming after the one you're looking at...

  9. I had never heard of "Superdry" until I went into my first store yesterday.

    I tried on an Extra Large plaid shirt... it wouldn't button over my chest.

  10. @cb. I like a man with a wide nice chest... Don't worry about it.