Thursday, 20 October 2011

Status update…

 In a week time I’ll be packing my stuff to move to JJ’s house that will become our house. I can’t but feel excited and nervous about it. I haven’t started anything yet, but I have many lists in my head of what needs to be done, packed and when. We’ve booked a van and I say ‘we’ because he will be driving. I’ve also booked a day off work, next Friday. I need to take some days before the end of the year and with my Christmas holidays already booked; I thought it would be a good opportunity.

Without doubt, having a van means that we will pay a visit to IKEA. It’s a ritual now. Every time we have a car and some time, we always go to pay our respects. It’s funny how there is always something to buy there…

In preparation of the day, JJ decided to have a massive spring cleaning of the house (beginning of winter). So, he got dressed on his DIY clothes and got into work. He has some days off from work anyway, so he decided to use them by getting productive.

Of course during the last weekend I was able and glad to help him. Saturday morning we got dressed into clothes for the occasion (old, falling apart and ready to be discarded) and firstly visited the local DIY stores. We bought the paint and material we needed and we soon got into work. If you have never been to your local DIY store, you should. It’s an interesting experience for various reasons.

Anyway, the last weekend we finished the front wooden door (crimson red), entrance corridor (almond), one wall of the living room (passionfruit), changed the outside motion-enabled light, doorbell and filled some cracks on various walls. The colour of the living room looks nice. We did only one wall and the room looks cosy. The rest of the walls are covered by beige wallpaper. The name of the colour though is probably the gayest we could find: passionfruit.

That's the newly painted wall...


  1. Sharp color in that pic. I love it!

  2. Congrats on the move. I hope you are very happy there.

  3. very aubergine!

    Enjoy the new routine!!


  4. Good luck.
    A fellow Greek(Cypriot)

  5. Well, congratulations! I am envious of your adventure! I am sending you virtual salt and bread for your new home. and Wine. (or Uzo?)

  6. How exciting - scary but thrilling! I envy you.

  7. @Cubby. Thank you. :-)

    @BosGuy I hope so. I'll keep you posted

    @MadeInScotland Aubergine it is...

  8. @DTaylor Thanks. :-)

    @cb I don't mind. Both uzo or wine are fine by me. I'm easy!

    @Ur-Spo thanks. :-)