Wednesday, 5 October 2011

5 on the Fifth

Welcome to the '5 on the fifth', a posting where you share 5 photographs taken on the days leading to the 5th of each month. It's organised by Stephen from 'The State of the Nation UK'. This month's theme is 'PLEASURE' and these are my photos.
Small items can help you find pleasure... A little imagination and a joyful attitude sometimes is needed...


a condom

some lube

a silk tie

a whip


  1. Like the red and blue/grey colour scheme. ;-)

    That surely must make these subjects enter the art spectrum.

  2. And a whip too?!!!

    LOL Love your pics!

  3. Thank you Nik for reminding me it's the small things that give us pleasure: a look, a wink, a touch, a kiss.

  4. I just knew that someone would drag the topic down into the gutter!


  5. @Stephen Glenn. Thank you. :-)

    @Cubby anything will do...

    @Behrmark You're welcome...

  6. @Ur-spo I was thinking of adding a picture of a metallic frame bed but I couldn't find one in blue or red

    @Stephen Chapman Welcome to the Dark Side. :-)

  7. Tracey Emin, eat your heart out! - PLEEEEEEASE! (and then go on to the other bits!)

  8. Everything is suggestive and naughty. Love it!

  9. @Raybeard... Yeah right... lol... thanks

    @Newleaf. Thanks. :-)

    Buddy Bear. always...

  10. @ultramanrickster thank you. :-D

  11. Ha. Love it. I've joked around with a buddy before about getting various extra "items" when we messed around while I was single, but haven't manned up to actually buy them. Of course, I haven't had this talk at all with my boyfriend. Maybe he's an even bigger sexual deviant than I am. I suppose I won't know for a while. ;-)

  12. @Gauss_Jordan Most of these things are not things I bought myself, but gifts. You should try this talk... It's always fun. :-p