Friday, 19 March 2010

I just love my bed…

It’s so nice sleeping in your own bed after spending the week sleeping on an air mattress in the living room! I am not complaining though. The air mattress is nice. You have to love the squeaking sounds and rough surface, or sleeping so close to the floor which you actually hug while sleeping.I was also able to wake up without having to sneak into the bathroom for a quiet shower and I got dressed in my room and not in the kitchen! I’m so happy for small everyday tastes of happiness!Yes, that means that my guests left me and my housemate in what now appears as a very big and empty flat! Going from 7 people back to 2, is something we’ll have to get used to again. It was very nice having them around though.

For the last day of my two friends staying here (the family had left earlier in the morning) I took the day off work. I wanted to be with them and show them around the town a bit. First thing in the morning we headed to the Old Spitafields Market. We had there an amazing breakfast and spent the rest of the morning browsing through stuff:

From there we headed to Canary Wharf. That’s a fairly new developed area where the big money is now being played. It was quite fun, because we arrived there around lunch time and most of the suit dressed people were storming to get something to eat.

Changing the scenery completely we headed to Greenwich. I just love that area. I like its nautical character and the observatory:

The day ended with a visit to Westfields and dinner in a local pub.

Yes, it was a very busy day. I don’t know how many miles we covered. The girls loved it though (I think) and I had a very nice break from work. Unfortunately, now comes the part where I’ll have to clean / tidy my place and catch up with stuff I haven’t done all week. I still have magazine articles I want to go through, comic books to read, study a bit, go to the gym and go running. My Garmin Forerunner 305 arrived 3 days ago (my parents’ birthday present) and I’ve only opened the box once just to take a very quick look at it. I haven’t even charged it.

That for me is outrageous!


  1. aaah! sounds like you all had a grand old time!

    yay for getting your own bed back. I know the feeling, but to be honest, when i have people staying over i give THEM the blow up matress. i love my bed too much :)

    happy weekend to ya!

  2. I tend to do the same thing. I don't easily part my bed. I love it to bits. This time however with the toddler, it was a little complicated, so...
    Enjoy your weekend too!!

  3. Wow you went everywhere! I love Canary Wharf and Greenwich (my neck of the woods)! It's nice to do the touristy things - and unless we have visitors we never do do it, do we??


  4. I wouldn’t mind sleeping in an air mattress if that means I got to visit those places. But yeah, after a while you would want to go back to the comforts of your own bed, in your own bedroom. =) Brad @