Thursday, 25 March 2010

Thursday thoughts…

Thankfully this week is flying by amazingly quickly. It’s Thursday already and the weekend is close. In a week I’m flying home, to Greece, for Easter. I shouldn’t be using the word ‘home’ for Greece. I’ve been happily living in London for 4 years now. I should call that home, but anyway…

I’m going to my parents’ place for Easter. Better?

Easter for Greek Orthodox is amazingly important. It’s a very religious, family gathering celebration. It’s more important than Christmas. On Easter Sunday, families gather to eat, celebrating the resurrection of Christ. Even for those that are not religious, Easter Sunday is a happy day to celebrate life with loved ones. It has evolved into a tradition more than actual religious celebration.

I’m going to talk about Greek Easter most likely in another post. I haven’t been in Greece for Easter for three years. Since Friday and Monday is a bank holiday I always liked to travel. Last year I was in Stockholm.

In a very different matter, on the 25th of March 1821, it is believed that the Greek Revolution began against the Ottoman Empire. The revolution began in the Peloponnese and spread to the rest of Greece. If I am not wrong, in the Treaty of Andrianople in 1829, the Turkish Sultan first accepted the independence of a small part of what would expand to become Greece as it is now in the next century.

In remembrance of that day, today is a bank holiday in Greece. The troops are marching through each major town and there are school parades as well.

That means of course that all my Greek friends don’t work today, when I…

Apart from all these events, there is something that happened yesterday. It is quite personal but this is a personal blog, so I’m going to be honest about it. My day yesterday started with JJ texting me about various things he’d like to do to me (let your imagination fly).We had dinner plans, but before that we would meet at my place for some quality, ‘us’, time.

So, we spend the most part of the time exchanging text messages that are easily XXX rated. When we finally met in the evening he was already quite worked up about the whole thing, so he got “stage fright”. I know that it can happen to everyone, so I didn’t pay that much attention. We had our fun in the end, but it wasn’t what promised in the text messages.

While I was OK with it, he wasn’t. I know how it can be for a man’s pride but there wasn’t something I could do to help him and make him feel better no matter what I said. He started feeling bad that he’s not meeting my expectations and that he’s being a disappointment (so not true). That dark cloud of his worries stayed over us for the duration of the dinner and the rest of the night.

It is so flattering that the guy that I’m in love with tries so hard to please me. However, it got to a point that I started feeling frustrated. No matter what I was telling him I couldn’t make him feel better. There was some new unnecessary tension that spoiled our mood and I started feeling in a way irritated. I had a long day at work and I was looking for a carefree night with my boyfriend without all that. I couldn’t make him relax though…

On another matter, I am sorry to say that after successfully working only on Linux since December, if I remember correctly, I was forced to go back to Windows. Yes, I abandoned my Ubuntu for Vista. The reason is that my Nokia mobile phone and my new Garmin Forerunner 305 have software that only works on Windows. I was able to ignore and not use the Nokia Ovi software, but I really need the Garmin software to monitor my runs…

That’s it for today. I promise to come back with a happier post soon…

I also have to post the next parts of my military service story (part 4, part 3, part 2, part 1) if you want… I left it two months ago unfinished. I only finished the basic training. I still have to cover 9 more months.


  1. darling,

    when man feel frustrated or in severe pain they will shutdown.. and hide in their own cave!

    give some reboot time. so he will curb his frustration or anger. he doesn't want any comforting words of wisdom. He will make a come back when he have solve the puzzles!

    Don't be so quick to judge, may this Easter holiday bring you the good news and blessing for u.

  2. On the Thursday before Easter Greeks chant pogrom inciting Beatitudes against "godslaying lawless Jews"in Greek, but change it to "Assemby of Jews" in English. They removed American Archbishop Iakovos because he was too American and Jerusalem Patriarch Irineos because he was too friendly with Israelis. Old witches who used to work at diners until they dropped now slip "Elder Protocols" and other terror claptrap in the pews.

    When I was growing up priests, would bathe, shave, wear pants - Robed, bearded, stovetopped priest is terror sympathist by definition. Greece was only euronation not to vote for 1947 Israel creation. In such time of war, we should insist that any public assembly of more than ten mandatorily be only in English! We have freedom of worship and speech, but not language.

  3. what's your definition of "home?" I call my house here "Home," and after getting over the whole "coming out" thing, I call my parents' home once again. :-)

    Also, JJ's kind of sweet. ;-)

  4. @Suf_n_Steve I know what you mean. I agree with you. I'm really not judging. That wasn't my intention. I'm sorry if I sounded like that.

    @Laki_Velotris. I am not familiar with the issues you mention. I'm not going to defend the Greek Church for any reason. You can ask someone who knows more about it.

    @Gauss_Jordan I definitely feel more at ease at my parents' after I came out to them. You do have a point... I hadn't thought of that... Yes, I like JJ too

  5. Hey Nik - You dirty dirty boy - sexting on your phone. For shame.

    Just kidding. Fun, isn't it? Sorry the evening didn't turn out as planned. I think we've all had some experience similar to that, at one time or another. It's just too bad that the "affected" one has to be so devastated, so embarrassed. Blame society for putting so much emphasis on male virility.

    Enjoy your trip.


  6. @NewLeaf And I didn't even mention multimedia messaging. Is there a word for that? Sex-mms-ing? I know what you mean about male virility and society's pressure...
    Thanks, I will

  7. I love Greek Easter!!! The march round the Church and of course the AMAZING meal afterwards. Xristos Anesty for next week Nik!!!