Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Silly Quiz tests…

Don’t ask me why, I just love them.

Especially the personality or IQ test!

Take this for example: ‘The Shower Test’

Which part of your body do you shower first? It’s easy, right?

Is it your hair?
Is it your armpits?
Is it your chest?

I answered my hair:

Apparently I am the artistic type!

Probably it has to do with the part of your body that first gets shampoo! It might be related with the involuntary movement of my hands to cover my head and massage it. Yes, this could be it. I just love my brain…

Another difficult quiz is the Ice Cream Personality test!

Which is your favorite flavor? You can choose between chocolate, chocolate dip cookie dough, strawberry and vanilla.

I went for cookie dough.

Yes, I am a born leader! All born leaders just dig that ice cream flavor. I can so imagine Alexander the Great, Hitler, Ghandi or JFK having a scoop…

It can get very complicated though:

‘Do you know how to flirt’?

OK, I am charming with caution… I can leave with that…

You can find these and other not very serious tests in that webpage


  1. A personality test dear!

    maybe u should try chemistry.com too

    thee are using my dear psychologist friend Dr.Helen....

  2. haha. i love these silly quizzes!

  3. If you like that, check out okcupid. You can answer quizzes, and then be matched to potential friends or dates based on it.

    Check out some of the toys they have, like their "flowchart to my heart" feature (here's mine).

  4. @Suf_n_Steve Chemistry.com doesn't accept my post code! It says it's not valid! It seemingly doesn't like people from abroad...

    @wozzel So do I

    @Gauss_Jordan I have checked your charts. Nice ones... I left a comment as well

  5. The shower quiz was wrong for me - I answered face, which makes me obsessive about money. Which is bs - I could give a crap about money.

    The other quizes were more acurate.

    We like the same ice cream.

  6. You must have been really disappointed about the 'shower' quiz. lol...
    Yes, cookie dough is the best... :-)