Monday, 29 March 2010

Monday morning…

Sometimes, Monday are… well, let’s say difficult… especially, if you haven’t slept the previous two nights.
I went out on Saturday night.

OK, I went out on Friday night as well but I only went for dinner and to the cinema. I saw ‘Kick Ass’ which was surprisingly interesting. I expected it to be really bad, but to be honest it’s a coca-cola, popcorn easy to follow, funny, action movie. It was perfect after spending a very tiring day at work.

Anyway, on Saturday I went out. It was ‘big M’s’ birthday. That’s the guy that was recently made redundant from my office. He’s a nice guy, so ‘gb’ and me, we’ve decided to meet him.
We also wanted to see him and check on how he’s doing.

We met him in a pub in Old street. That’s an area of eastern London with some really nice pubs, bars and clubs. To give you an idea of how the night went, the moment we walked in the pub, ‘big M’ went and brought us shots of tequila to help us keep up with their drinking.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t but talk a bit about the way he was laid off. It wasn’t a happy subject but it was obvious that ‘big M’ wanted to talk about it with someone that knew what happened and the people involved. The way that they judged that he would be the one to go from the team wasn’t unbiased which made him quite upset. He was very happy that we went to see him though.

To cut the long story short, after the pub we headed to a bar and then to a club. The club was called the ‘aquarium’. I hadn’t been there before. The place was wicked. OK, by the time we went there I was drunk so I can be wrong. It staged a party called carwash with 70’s-80’s music so we danced our hearts out. The club also has a big swimming pool and Jacuzzi. We went a bit late so they had them closed but from what I could see, people stripped into their underwear and into the pool. That’s something I haven’t done in a club but don’t know if I will…

Anyway, I managed to get home at 4:30 in the morning and go to sleep a little bit after 5 (damn the change of time).

‘JJ’ was working on Sunday afternoon, so he couldn’t join me on my night out. From my past experiences (with other men) I would expect him to be slightly upset / jealous that I was out until early in the morning. I was feeling slightly guilty about it but he didn’t say anything than being genuinely interested about whether I had fun. Maybe it’s my Greek background that made me feel like that. I fear that Greeks are in general more demanding / jealous / overreacting. I’ve heard that Italians can be like that too.

I wanted to see ‘JJ’ before his work, so I forced myself to get up around 11 to go and meet him for coffee and brunch. I wasn’t that talkative and I was wearing a pair of sunglasses to hide the panda eyes (not to scare the children) but we had fun. Funnily enough, apart from being tired, I hadn’t had a major headache.

Stupidly enough, I stayed late watching the ‘opposite of sex’ (I love this movie - don't ask me why) yesterday on the television. By the time it was finished, I had passed the point of being really tired and I wasn’t able to relax and get some proper sleep.
I found it quite challenging today writing this post… I couldn’t concentrate enough. I’m really sure about the outcome either. I’ll have to reread it tomorrow.


  1. oh no! i can not stay up late anymore. age is catching up with me! haha.

  2. Oh, come on guys... Of course you can. You just need the proper company and motivation...