Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Gay life starts at 30?

I turned 29 a couple of weeks ago. That’s my last year in my 20’s. (YAY!!) After that, I enter the golden decade of my thirties! Accidentally, on my birthday I bought the latest issue of a UK based gay magazine called ‘Attitude’ that was dedicated to ‘old age’ and also had an article about how gay life begins at 30. The article itself is not serious journalism and of course doesn’t extend too much on the issue at hand. It just provides some examples of sexy older men etc.However, it got me thinking a bit:
“Does gay life starts at 30?”

In order to answer that, the first thing to do is of course try to understand the question. (I’m getting too technical – I know – It’s the engineer in me). I assume that by ‘starting life’, we mean becoming happier / more content / enjoying our everyday life more. However, since there is a comparison to that statement we’ll have to compare that happiness to something else, let’s say the late teens, early twenties. I think that’s fair. Let’s try to pinpoint the differences between life at twenties and life in thirties. (I’m done being technical (for now)).

If we’d like to answer positively to the question, the thirties are a decade where a man (most or some of them anyway) has gained some experience in life and is more able to lay back and enjoy it. He now knows what he likes and is not afraid to look for it. If he is lucky, he’ll have a good circle of friends that lasted over years, proving their love and devotion. He has a job that can support him and a career already in its track. He starts enjoying different / simpler things in life and he doesn’t have to get stoned / drunk to enjoy a nice night out. Funnily enough, he’ll even start enjoying exquisite tastes of food, wine or spirits that he couldn’t appreciate earlier.

He is also above the ‘drama’ that a younger’s gay life might contain. Feeling more secure, mature and established he is not that interested on other people’s opinions and gossips. Also, his sex life is better. Sex now lasts longer and can be more passionate. Longer lasting partners enter his life who provide security, companionship and stability.(According to my personal taste) Men in their thirties are better looking and look much sexier than people in their early twenties.

Examples of sexy men in their thirties: Ryan Reynolds, Wentworth Miller, Bradley Cooper, Tom Brady, Jake Gyllenhaal or Ben Cohen

Ryan Reynolds

Jake Gyllenhaal

Ben Cohen

Bradley Cooper

On the downside however, a man of his thirties starts seeing the first wrinkles on his face, realizes that he can’t keep on having the same diet and a heavy night out takes a greater toll on him. Now, with the grey hair that start appearing he sees that hangovers are more difficult to overcome and moisturizing is a necessity…

If we’d like to answer negatively to the question, the late teens and early twenties are a more carefree age. A young man of that age feels that life is full of possibilities and opportunities. He’s not sure where he’ll be in a year or so. Most of the things happening are new and very exciting. The first kiss, sex, love makes life so much more interesting and thrilling.

Not having many responsibilities also means that a young man is able to take the next train for a backpacking experience of a lifetime. Most important problems of that age include clothes, the next kiss (etc.) and what to do next weekend, where to go out. Mistakes can be excused and blamed on the innocence or inexperience of the age. Bad habits like junk food or boozing don’t have the same bad effects. Getting Bald is not an issue.

Some people believed to be sexy men of that age are: Zac Efron, Daniel Radcliffe, Alexandre Despatie, Novak Djoković, Chace Crawford, Nicholas Hoult:

Daniel Radcliffe

Novak Djoković

Nicholas Hoult

OK, I have to admit that every age has its good and its bad side. However, I do believe that I am in a much happier place at the moment than I was ten years ago. I am more secure in my shoes, stable, happy, with great friends and a boyfriend that loves me. I am the master of my life (wow, I like how that sounds) with my own income that allows me a lifestyle I enjoy. I do believe that the thirties will bring to me even greater things. So even if gay life doesn’t start in 30, it will definitely continue in an astonishing way.

PS 1. Men in their thirties are much sexier…
PS 2. I think that I’ll upload a ‘life starts in 40’ post in 10 years…


  1. Another really hot 30 year old is Tristan...my boyfriend...We are so much wiser and more mature sexy in our 30's.....

  2. Sorry, I didn't have Tristan's picture to upload. Send me one and I'll edit the post to include him...

  3. For me - gay life started at 40 :)

  4. Whew, all those men are hotties! I personally gravitate towards the older ones here. haha

  5. i want to marry Ben Cohen ;)

    i enjoyed this post dude :) thanks!!!

  6. @NewLeaf And it's going to be amazing. You'll now do things you've wanted to do for ages. I believe you'll be so much happier now...

    @Konrad So do I... :-)

    @wozzel I'm glad you liked it.

  7. Oh I adore being in my 30s, for exactly the reasons you set out - I know what I like, what I want, and how to get them; plus I am more 'sorted'; my careeris on the move, I have my gorgeous guy... hurrah! I'm sure you'll love it :-)

  8. I started writing a comment, and ended up writing a post.


  9. @Mike I sure hope so...

    @Gauss I'm glad I made you do it...

  10. After glancing at the headline of the Attitude magazine, I googled "does gay life start at 30" and it leads me to this article! Great!