Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Two days to go…

Ok, is that bad?
I’m counting the days to my holiday.

Anyway, I don’t want to upset all the hard working people out there so I will stop…

OK, once more… 2 days to go

I can’t help it…

Anyway, the happy news of the day is about Ricky Martin. You must have heard it, so I’m not going to talk about it…

What I’d like to comment more is a discussion I had with ‘big M’s girlfriend on Saturday night. It took place in a bar, right before going to the club. We were quite tipsy by then, I must add…
She: ‘big M’ is quite happy that you and ‘gb’ came along tonight. It showed him that you are more than just colleagues.
Me: Well, we got along really well from the beginning. We did spent some really nice nights out in the past as well
She: Don’t remind me. I can still remember that I was feeling a bit weird about the night that ‘big M’ spent at gb’s.
(after going out and getting drunk)
‘Gb’: What?
She: Well, I know that he spent the night over at yours and it’s the first time he’s actually spending time with gay people. I couldn’t but feel a little threatened! Don’t get me wrong. At first I thought that ‘gb’ would be a threat because he is always ‘out there’ speaking about sex and making dirty jokes (yes, gb can be like that). Then, I met you Nik and I realized that probably ‘big M’ is exactly your type.
‘gb’: Yes, Nik likes his men big and hairy.
Me: Don’t listen to him. I’d never do anything like that.
She: Well, I just couldn’t help myself... I can’t help feeling insecure sometimes.

To be totally honest I find big M to be quite hot. He’s tall, hairy, muscled with green eyes. He’s also doing a triathlon for charity later this year. However, he’s a mate (and straight and in a happy relationship). I’d never do anything like that. I’ve never made a pass on someone in a relationship (that I knew about). I also don’t think I have never made a pass on a real friend, gay or straight.

OK, I had a crush (or two) on a straight friend in the past but I never did anything about it. Maybe it’s the unattainable feature that can be so appealing. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a gay fantasy to seduce a previously straight guy. (How straight can he be if he’s seduced?) It worries me slightly that ‘big M’ girlfriend thought that I was a threat to her. Maybe it was more obvious to her, probably from my body language that I liked him.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but after I get into the ‘friendship’ zone I can’t easily go back. If something has to happen with someone, it has to happen in the beginning of our acquaintance. OK, I have friends that I’ve slept with, like the Brazilian, but that’s just an unsuccessful relationship. We tried it and it didn’t work out. We’re good friends now but it didn’t start like that.

That is the reason that I’ve never slept with ‘gb’ and I’ll probably never will. Many of our common friends have commented about it, asking how we can be good friends and nothing more ever happened. Maybe it’s a gay thing that friends after a while, during a drunken session do sleep together. Funnily enough, ‘big M’ even placed a bet on us. He believed that we would sleep together in the next month or so (he lost the bet). He still owes us dinner and drinks for that.

However, even if I do believe that an amazing relationship can evolve from a good friendship, it’s very difficult to happen though and it never happened to me.


  1. You know, the friends vs boyfriends thing confuses me!

    Straight guys can distill their relationships down to "bros before hos."

    In my case, if I meet a new guy who happens to be single and gay, I have to sort out what he wants (if anything), what I want (if anything), and then deal with it if things change.

    I don't know how to do that. (yet?)

  2. If you find out how to do that, please let me know as well. It can get quite tricky and complicated.

  3. Sometimes the lines between friends and lovers gets blurred. Lots of people dont expect that things can just be platonic. I couldnt imagine doing sex stff with any of my mates personally.

    Anyways, hope you have a great holiday. Take lots of pictures.


  4. And I thought you were counting down to series 6 of Doctor Who with my pal here...

    Made in Scotland: What The Doctor Said


  5. @Ryan_O Thanks. I know what you mean

    @MadeInScotland lol... I haven't seen Doctor Who since Tom Baker was in it...