Monday, 15 March 2010

La maison de fous

As I’ve already explained we have people visiting. YAY…

Let me start from the beginning:
I have decided that I don’t want to have children. I came to that conclusion after spending my weekend with a seemingly lovely two-year old that drove her parents crazy! When I was growing up I kind of (wrongly) concluded that since I’m gay, I would not have a family and grow children of my own. I now know better but still I don’t think I can do it. I can’t even take care of my plants. I had a very small olive tree that I didn’t manage to keep alive. I really liked that small plant. I tried to take care of it but still… I blame England’s weather but the fact still remains that the tree didn’t survive. What if that tree had a real name, two legs, two arms, etc… Oh, no… I couldn’t…
(By the way, the rest of my plants are thriving)

Anyway, back to my point. Little ‘C’ is my housemate’s niece currently staying with her family in our place. Unfortunately she is the only new member of the family which means that she is being spoiled by parents and grandparents alike! She is not easily told ‘no’ and what little ‘C’ wants is what little ‘C’ gets. What is worse is what little ‘C’ does not have a normal daily schedule. They let her have long naps during the day which means that she doesn’t go to sleep at night. At Friday night she slept around 1 in the morning (and she is two)! I was dead tired two hours before that, after having a torturous gym session with my personal trainer after work!

Apart from the sleeping problem, we have little ‘C’ crying and yelling to have everything her own way. We had a huge emergency situation with her losing it and uncontrollably crying because she couldn’t find her mother who was for 5 minutes taking a bath! I didn’t know what to do with her. She wasn’t listening to me and I couldn’t make her stop crying! And she is so amazingly energetic! She is constantly running around!

If I could add sound to the picture, you'd realise what I went through

The bad thing about my house is that the doors do not lock apart from the toilet doors so I didn’t have any privacy during the weekend. Have you tried to keep away a two-year old that really wants to enter your room? I gave up that idea from the start and I was joining in the ‘fun’ in the living room. That is the main reason I still haven’t read the article about how gay life begins after 30.

Overall, I tried to reasonably keep my distance and go out a bit during the weekend. I didn’t follow them to a number of walks they tried to do. I saw ‘JJ’ for a coffee and lunch on Saturday and I also went out that day. I had the need to go clubbing, forget diapers and strollers and enjoy my birthday. I gathered some of my friends and I went to ‘G-A-Y late!

G-A-Y late

That is a club in the centre of London. There is a bar called ‘G-A-Y’ and the owners opened a club with the ‘late’ wording next to it. The club is not something that great. It’s a big room that has some screens on the walls that display music videos. The music also is not that great since it is very mainstream pop oriented! You can listen to modern stuff but also things like Spice Girls or old Whitney Houston! When was the last time you heard ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ in a club?

However with the right company you can have a really good time! I needed this kind of blowing off some steam. The place is in a very convenient location since it is central and the music is perfect after some alcohol! I finished my night dancing on the main podium really enjoying myself!

I went back home around 4 inthe morning to wake up with little ‘C’ asking for her milk around 9. She only wanted her mummy to prepare it and not auntie! Apparently it tastes differently. The whole building must have heard her say that.

OK, I don’t want to sound mean. Little ‘C’ can be adorable. She is very social, sharing her toys, singing and dancing. She makes your heart melt with her smile and when she sleeps she looks like an angel! Unfortunately she doesn’t sleep much…


  1. I know precisely how you feel. As I've mentioned a bunch of my friends just had kiddos. I'm watching this from the outside, and seen some thrive, and some slowly have their soul sucked away by this little quasi-demon being (I jest, mostly).

  2. our little Sophie is a popular sanguine, i knew it when we have her from her own mother!

    at 1 years old, she has already learned how to talk. so we need to be very careful with the words. she will copy out our daily conversation.

    at 3 she already asking such question like "why Steve must have kiss me 1st and why not her?" l just laugh...(coz i come 1st after u ahah!)

    parenting is a skills that could be learn
    are u sure that u dont want to have one?

  3. @Gauss_Jordan sometimes it's good. Sometimes it's bad...

    @Suf_n_Steve Sophie is a really nice name. I'm sure I don't want one now... I can't say about the future...