Friday, 5 March 2010

An amazing weekend (hopefully) to come!

I know I must be tiring by now but I can’t stop thinking about it. My run is in two days. I’m so excited.

This weekend is going to be amazing. I’ve done my last run yesterday before the big run. I did 6.4 miles from my place to Knightsbridge and back. That’s half of what I’m doing on Sunday. It’s a really nice route that includes the ‘Royal Albert Hall’ and the ‘Natural History Museum’, two very beautiful buildings. My pace wasn’t that fast on purpose and the run was very uneventful regarding foot pain (thankfully).

‘JJ’ rented a car for us. He’s staying over tonight and tomorrow really early in the morning we’re going to go and get it. The plan is to drive to Windsor and spend Saturday there. ‘JJ’ hasn’t visited that area yet and I’ve always liked it. I’ve never been inside the castle but to be honest I’m not that bothered. But the village of Windsor and the walk to Eton are very beautiful. I’ll try not to get too tired though with that excursion. I hope to take it slow, have coffee and lunch there and drive back to rest for the rest of the afternoon / evening.

On Sunday really early in the morning we’re driving to Bath. We’ve decided to go on that day instead of staying somewhere in the area to save some money and also have an extra friend of mine that wants to come along. I hope it will be a nice day out. The weather is supposed to be fairly good, cold but sunny. We’ll drive the same day back to London and return the car that evening.

Unfortunately, I can’t stop thinking of all the possible things that can go wrong that day. My brain goes into a loop and I have to struggle to calm myself. My latest worry is about not going there in time and not finding a parking spot. There are 15,000 people registered to run. Think of all the people that will be there! It’s at the same time so exciting (and frightening)…

That would be my last post before my run. I do apologise if I’ve been tiring.
I’ll let you know how my weekend went on Monday… I hope to have pictures as well… Wish me good luck…


  1. luck, luck, luck. you can do it. i'm running tomorrow am on the treadmill, will think of you.

  2. It hasn't been tiring! It's great to follow you're adventures.
    Do keep us updated.
    Good luck with the run!!

  3. Oh, and amazing pics! Brought me memories of Luxembourg. Enjoy your time there as well!

  4. My boyfriends sister in law is doing that run too! I know a long-winded connection, I would say break a leg but i think good luck is better in this instance. Bryn

  5. How did it go?

    It seems the weather was/is perfect for both.


  6. @Paige Thank you very much

    @Dyl I thought you were about to do a half marathon as well. No?

    @Pedders. Thanks! I haven't been to Luxembourg. I don't know how it looks like.

    @Bryn Thank you. Did your boyfriend's sister in law enjoyed the race? Where you there as well?

    @MadeInScotland I went amazingly well. The weather was indeed the best you could ask for for an event like that.

  7. She did enjoy it (I hear through my BF). No we did not go, though I love Bath and am due a visit. Cannot remember her time though (though who cares as it will be better than I can do). Well done Bryn x