Friday, 12 March 2010


I’ve always enjoyed having people over. My house is always open for my friends. I love to have them staying for dinner, coffee, just a movie or a board game. I loved the fact that while I was studying my house was right in city centre, close to the university and I had people passing by all the time.

I’ve been trying to do the same while I’m in London. I always invite my friends from Greece to come. I believe it’s an opportunity not to miss since I can accommodate and provide free tours of the city.

So, this weekend I have one of my best friends coming to London with her sister. Her sister is quite younger and has never travelled outside Greece. I hope it will be as amazing for her. They had this trip planned since before Christmas.

Lovely London in March

I have mentioned about them coming a while ago. What I think I haven’t mentioned before is that my housemate (‘hm’) also have people coming. She’s having her brother, his girlfriend and their two-year old daughter with them!!!!

OK, I’ll help you count:
Two of us already living in that house: 2 +
My friend and her sister: 2 +
The family: 3
Total: 7!

So, we will be 7 of us living in the same roof. My flat is not that big. Thankfully it’s a two bedroom, two bathrooms flat. Having two bathrooms I hope means less queues. The family will go into one room, the sisters will go to the other and the permanent residents (us) will stay in the living room.

Different version of a Full House

I’m not worried as much for the number of people living with us as I am worried with the two-year old. I’ve heard that she’s pretty spoiled and can be a pain in the ass. She’s used to do things like waking up in two in the morning screaming demanding her milk or toys. I know how to handle adults but I am not used to spending so many days with a toddler. Please tell me you have some tips to give me!
(I just hope that not knowing me and the beard will scare her a bit to be more well behaved). OK, don't get me wrong. I love children (as long as we keep our safe distances)...

My friend’s been here before but her sister hasn’t and she would like to see as many London sights as possible. That means that their day will start early and they will try to cover each day as much “distance” as possible. I’ll be going to work as normal and I’ll be meeting them after that. I might only take one day off next week for a day trip or something.

I’ve booked tickets for them to go and see Priscilla – Queen of the desert. They wanted to see a big West End musical and I haven’t seen this one. I heard it’s quite enjoyable.


On a slightly different subject following my birthday,
I bought yesterday the UK based gay magazine called Attitude. The theme of this month’s issue is about getting old. There is a huge article about how a ‘gay man’s life starts at 30’! I haven’t read it yet but I’m quite interested in going through it. Knowing the magazine I know it’s not going to be top journalism or something to think about for long. However, I’d like to see their point of view.

Even before reading the article I know that this statement contains true facts. I truly believe that the next decade of my life will be great. Let’s wait and see…


  1. that IS a full house Nik! But sounds like it could be a lot of fun! I'm sure you will have a great time.

    The article sounds interesting. Write something about it once you have read it :)

    Have an awesome weekend!!

  2. Thanks for that. Yes, I was planning to comment on the article when I read it.
    Enjoy your weekend as well! Happy Birthday for Sunday!!!!

  3. Όλοι να περάσετε καλά.
    Μη πιστεύεις τις μαλακίες στο Attitude - η ζωή αρχίζει μετά το 40!

  4. Toddlers can be a handful. Hopefully her parents will tend to her at 2:00am, so you'll just have to bury your head under your pillow :(

    Since she doesn't already know you - and you seem slightly apprehensive about her - she'll love you. Kids tend to find those who "like them less" to be a challenge. If she senses a fear of children - she'll try to convert you. Beware! Next thing you know you'll be trying to have a little one of your own! Just kidding.

    Let me know if the article is interesting. Especially if it talks about gay men in their (ahem!) 40's.


  5. As for the full house pic, which one are you NtG? The bloke in the middle?

    I wish we would have more people come to visit us. With only 1 bedroom here it's a problem. Hopefully we can sort that out soon!


  6. Let me know what that article says... Good luck. :-) I trust that since you haven't posted anything else, either things are going well, or someone's stuffed you in a closet and taken over your home. ;-)

  7. Hey Nik, I hope the weekend went well with the full house. How was the show. Gosh I miss the West End.
    I'm turning 30 in October! Read that article and share it with me! I'm really not looking forward to the big Three Oh.

  8. @vilges Suola Μετά τα 40 έ? Χμμμμ... Και τι θα κάνω μ'εχρι τότε? Μέχρι πότε θα περιμένω να αρχίσει η ζωή μου?

    @NewLeaf One of my own? Oh no. I couldn't do that to a child! I can't even take care of my plants! I can't see myself doing something like that...

    @MadeInScotland. I could be the one in the middle minus the ugly haircut...

    @Gauss Jordan. Lack of privacy and free time hasn't allowed me to create a new post yet...

    @Juz The show is tonight. I'll let you know tomorrow.